Did You Know…

When Babe Ruth retired on May 30, 1935, with 714 home runs, no other player had reached 300 career home runs.

3 responses to “Did You Know…

  1. i did NOT know that. Good. To. Know. I like your blog. I never really got into baseball cards as a kid- but I wish I had. Too late at 27…

  2. Never too late toosoxy! You could collect in many different ways. Just ask Brian!

    • toosoxy- Gerad is correct. I did not get back into the hobby until just 3+ years ago. A 17+ year break frm when I collected as a teenager… Never too late. If I had a reccommendation, it would be to focus on just one or two things. The hobby is immense, and it can become very overwhelming…

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