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1967 Topps AL ERA Leaders – Starring Jim Palmer, Jim Hunter, and Dennis Eckersley

1967 Topps AL ERA Leaders – Starring Jim Palmer, Jim Hunter, and Dennis Eckersley

By purchasing this baseball card, I have now bought this specific card twice in the last 12 months.

The first time I bought this one, it went into my Jim Palmer collection.  This time around, it is headed for my collection of Dennis Eckersley baseball cards.  If I ever decide to collect cards that feature Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter, I will have to grab another one…

As for the card itself, it pays tribute to the League Leaders in 1975 for the AL ERA crown.  The leader of the bunch was Jim Palmer, the Cy Young Award winner that year, and he was followed by Hunter, and then a very young Dennis Eckersley.  Respectively, the numbers looked like this – 2.09, 2.58, 2.60 – certainly all HOF worthy!!!

Pete Rose 1981 Topps Record Breaker

Pete Rose 1981 Topps Record Breaker

Man, I love me some ‘Record Breaker’ baseball cards.  The baseball history encapsulated in these little pieces of cardboard keeps me interested year after year.

I recently picked up this Record Breaker card from the 1981 Topps set.  The card, featuring ‘Charlie Hustle’ himself, Mr. Pete Rose, does exactly what I love about these cards – it tells a fantastic story.

You see, during the 1980 baseball season, Rose accumulated 600 at-bats for the 13th consecutive season – a new major league record.  And while this was far from the greatest record that Rose shattered during his brilliant career, it is absolutely newsworthy!  During the 1980 season, Rose broke Nellie Fox’s 12-consecutive seasons record.

And just in case you were wondering, Rose went on to have 600 or more at-bats in a single season 17 times!  Unreal!

Happy Anniversary Derek Jeter!!!

Happy Anniversary Derek Jeter!!!

On this day in 1996, Derek Jeter won the American League’s Rookie of the Year award in a unanimous vote!

Capturing all 28 first-place votes, Jeter set himself apart from the rest of the 1996 rookie class.  And he did it all with the enormous pressure that comes with wearing Yankee pinstripes.

During that season, Jeter collected 183 hits en route to a .314 batting average.  He scored 104 runs for the team while also driving in 78.  And while fielding the toughest infield position, he compiled an 96.9% fielding percentage.

Oh, and he also helped the Yankees capture the 1996 World Series championship too!

Happy Anniversary to Derek Jeter!!!

Happy Anniversary Jim Palmer!!!

Happy Anniversary Jim Palmer!!!

On this day in 1976, Jim Palmer won the Cy Young Award for being the best pitcher in the American League.

In a 4-year span from 1973-76, Palmer won the AL Cy Young Award 3 times.  Impressively, he dominated the league and was the leader of a very strong Orioles team.

A quick peek at the numbers:

Year Record Comp. Games ERA K’s Walks K’s:Walks
1973 22-9 19 2.40 158 113 1.4
1975 23-11 25 2.09 193 80 2.4
1976 22-13 23 2.51 159 84 1.9

Oh yeah, he also finished in second place in 1977 behind Sparky Lyle.  In a tight race, Lyle got 40% of the votes while Palmer tallied 34%.

Happy Birthday Johnny Damon!!!

Happy Birthday Johnny Damon!!!

Johnny Damon turns 38 years old today.

While Johnny Damon is not named with the sport’s greatest players, he has certainly put himself into the category of ‘Winner’.  And some of the sport’s biggest stars cannot make that claim.

Relatively unknown until he joined the Red Sox, Damon was a quiet player that toiled around in both Kansas City and Oakland for the first 7 years of his career.  During that time, her perfected his craft as a solid hitter with a knack for collecting doubles and stolen bases.

When Damon arrived in Boston in 2002, his ability on the field as well as personality shined and he soon became a fan favorite.  Damon helped the Sox win the World Series title in 2004 and his new-found fame garnered him 2 All-Star team selections and MVP consideration.

Damon moved on to the Yankees in 2006, and again he helped them reach the pinnacle of the sport in 2009 as the Yankees collected another World Series title.

Johnny Damon has proven to be a very skilled baseball player.  His consistency on offense is remarkable, and his time in the major leagues has been relatively injury free – a true credit to a player that plays as hard as he does!!!

Here’s to Johnny Damon!!  Happy Birthday!!!