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’30-YOC Top Ten’ – Top 10 Stars From The 2011 World Series

’30-YOC Top Ten’ – Top 10 Stars From The 2011 World Series

I couldn’t do this list last Sunday because I wanted to get my ‘Pick The Award Winners’ contest up and going.  Lucky for me, the results of the 2011 World Series are entrenched in my brain.

As we all know, David Freese won the World Series MVP award.  I like the pick, but I do think that there were a few players that were more deserving of that honor.

So, here is my ‘Top Ten Stars From The 2011 World Series’ list.  You may or may not agree with my selections, or the order of them, and that is fine.  But years from now when I think back to this amazing 7-game series, these are the guys that I think that I will remember most.

Honorable Mention – Josh Hamilton, Chris Carpenter, Adrian Beltre, Rafael Furcal, Lance Lynn, Alexi Ogando, Jason Motte, and Michael Young.

10 – Ron Washington – I love his animated personality from the dugout.  He would be a fun guy to play for.

9 – Ian Kinsler – I like lead-off hitters and I think he was the best one of the playoffs.  He offers a great blend of contact and power hitting.

8 – Derek Holland – His performance in Game 4 was stellar.  And his impersonation of Harry Caray was pretty good too.

7 – Alan Craig – Great story for such a young player.  He played like a veteran throughout the series and was the best bench player that St. Louis had.

6 – Lance Berkman – It was great to see the old guy get it done so consistently at the plate.  I am older than Berkman, but that beard did not help his cause…

5 – David Freese – He offered us some great heroics – from game-winning home runs to lead saving plays in the field.  It was nice to see a local guy from STL get the home crowd support like he did.

4 – Yadier Molina – I knew that he was good, but few catchers stand out anymore.  He is among the best at his position and I have a new respect for him as a player.  Arguably the best catcher in the game today!!

3 – Albert Pujols – It is a shame that Pujols’ 3-HR game has been overshadowed.  But this is a team sport, and on the night of Game 3, Pujols propelled his team to victory single-handidly.

2 – Mike Napoli – Talk about consistent, he was the team’s best hitter and defender through the entire series.  And that throw to third to nab Holliday was uber-impressive – from his knees!!!

1 – Nelson Cruz – Cruz instantly became a star during the post-season.  And his home run tear puts him in an elite class.  It goes to show that anyone has the chance to shine on this stage, and his home run barrage will live on as one of the greatest offensive World Series performances of  all-time!!!

And there you have it, my recollection of the best World Series match-up that I have seen in a very long time.  Filled with solid pitching, great offense, and drama, 2011’s World Series was an instant classic!!!

John Smoltz 2007 Upper Deck ‘Antiquity’ Game-Used Relic Card

John Smoltz 2007 Upper Deck ‘Antiquity’ Game-Used Relic Card

Another beauty scored by yours truly for the low, low price of just $0.99.

And there was not way that I was going to let this one get by me!!!

I really wish that Smoltzy played in the era prior to his, I would love to collect him – but he just has too much out there for me to go after.  But, he does have a lot of the same qualities that I loved about the pitching stars of the 1960s and 1970s.

A great, new addition to my collection – and my second John Smoltz Game-Used relic card.

Fergie Jenkins 1984 O-Pee-Chee

Fergie Jenkins 1984 O-Pee-Chee

I have the 1984 Topps baseball card that features Fergie Jenkins

I have the 1984 Topps Nestle baseball card that features Fergie Jenkins.

So, as a loyal and sometimes obsessive collector, I of course had to add the 1984 O-Pee-Chee baseball card of Fergie Jenkins to my collection too.


Tony Perez 2001 Topps Archives

Tony Perez 2001 Topps Archives

Tony Perez’s 1986 Topps baseball card is one of my favorites that feature the former member of the ‘Big Red Machine’.

So, when I found out that Topps re-issued the same card in their 2001 Archives set, I had to go after it as well.  And while this card is not officially on my ‘Tony Perez Checklist’ I am thrilled to add it to my Perez collection.

High Five for Eric Davis, High five for me!!!

Wade Boggs 1991 Score – ‘Score Masters’ – A BEAUTIFUL CARD!!!

Wade Boggs 1991 Score – ‘Score Masters’ – A BEAUTIFUL CARD!!!

If I could get any Wade Boggs baseball card signed right at this moment, this card would get strong consideration.

Imagine this beauty signed in Gold!!!  WHOA!!!