Just A Gratuitous Post To Show Off My Balls!!!

Just A Gratuitous Post To Show Off My Balls!!!

Nothing vulgar here my friends, I promise.  Just a shameless plug to show off my growing autographed baseball collection.

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I have been enjoying building it!!!

In total the collection now sits at 65 balls.

Here is a short description of what you are seeing.

Extreme Left – 8 ball Dawson collection

Center – 9 ball cubs collection featuring Banks, Jenkins (3), Williams, Santo, Sandberg, Grace, and Lee Smith.

Right – Row 1 – Reggie, Frank Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr., Jim Palmer, Bob Gibson, Stan Musial.  Row 2 – Winfield, Ozzie, McCovey, Carew, Brooks Robinson, Dale Murphy, Tim Raines.  Row 3 – Big Red Machine:  Rose, Morgan, Bench, Perez, Foster, Griffey, Concepcion.  Row 4 – Fisk, Carlton, Gary Carter, Strawberry, Goodeb, Canseco, McGwire.  Row 5 – Feller, Fingers, Gossage, Gaylord Perry, Nikro, Cepeda, Marichal.  Row 6 – Duke Snider, Doerr, Whitey Ford, Don Larsen, Monte Irvin, Vida Blue, Bert Campeneris.  Row 7 – Uggla, Josh Johnson, Jeff Conine, Cameron Maybin, Jim Abbott, Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser.

And there you have it folks – my complete signed baseball collection!!!

Thanks for reading!!!  🙂

4 responses to “Just A Gratuitous Post To Show Off My Balls!!!

  1. Very, very nice… I see you adding at least two more before 2012. Thanks for the post & pic. Looks awesome!

  2. Very nice, indeed. Oh, how I used to enjoy getting autographs on balls and cards in the mid-’80s, early ’90s. Not so much anymore.

  3. Holy wow! You’ve got some balls there fella.

  4. Brian:

    Terrific stuff!!! You should definitely post more photos of the collection as you accumulate more.

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