What Am I Going To Do About This???

What Am I Going To Do About This???

You may recall that last week I excitedly showed you my completed Andre Dawson signed mini-helmet collection.

If you happened to have missed that, here is another picture:

There they are – 4 beauties resting side by side.  From left to right, you are looking at signed mini-helmets from the Expos, Cubs, Red Sox, and Marlins – the 4 major league clubs that Dawson played for during his Hall of Fame career.

Now, on to my problem.

Check out the Cubs helmet, second from the left.

See how it is signed on the side of the helmet, while the others are all signed on the brim?  Yep, that is my problem.

While the autograph on the Cubs mini is much larger than the rest of them, it looks out of place.  And when I rest these helmets in their cases on my desk, it stands out like a sore thumb.  And it is not the kind of standing out one asks for.  Sad to say it, buy it just looks bad when the compared to the helmets on the left and right.  Call it the ‘Ugly Duckling Syndrome’…

When I first decided to go after this mini-helmet collection, I had no clue as to what I wanted my finished product to look like.  So, when I sent off the Cubs helmet (which was the first one I got done) I was happy with the results.

Today, I am still happy to own a signed mini from Andre’s days with the Cubs.  But it can be better too…

What do you think?  Am I over-reacting??  What Am I Going To Do About This???

5 responses to “What Am I Going To Do About This???

  1. Yep. You need an upgrade, my friend.


  2. I’ll give you $25 for it!

  3. Sorry to say it Brian, but I think you need to upgrade the BoSox helmet as well. Its a LEFT-handed batting helmet, and looks out of place…sorry 😦

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