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I Am 98% Certain That I Ran Into Albert Pujols Today – MUST READ!!!!

I Am 98% Certain That I Ran Into Albert Pujols Today – MUST READ!!!!

Ok, I am still processing this, but I wanted to document as much as I could for myself and for you too.

The facts:

  • Albert Pujols was in South Florida as recently as Friday
  • I too, live in South Florida
  • I have yet to read any reports stating that Pujols has left town to seek out discussions with any other major league teams
  •  The Florida Marlins unveiled their new team logo, uniforms, and colors on Friday night
  • The Marlins are selling items promoting the new digs in just three spots – 1 of which is the Sawgrass Mills Mall (roughly 20 minutes from my house)
  • Took the family to the Sawgrass Mills Mall today to check out the new gear
  • Personal note – I am really starting to dig the new logo and color scheme.  My X-Mas list is growing!
  • Get to the kiosk selling the new stuff and there is only one more family there checking out the new stuff
  • Family consists of one male (father), one female(mother) and three kids (2 girls and 1 boy, I believe)
  • Father is bald, sporting a goatee, heavy chain around his neck and is well dressed
  • Father looks absolutely like Albert Pujols
  • I shop with my family and make eye contact with said father 2-3 times
  • We make our product selections and I tell my wife to grab 2 car magnets too
  • Said Father hands the two car magnets to my wife and she thanks him
  • We pay and go on our way
  • Other family is left behind holding new Marlins gear – banners, car magnets, mouse pads, key chains, etc.
  • I get 20 steps away and tell my wife that I have to go back – family and presumably the greatest player in the major leagues are nowhere to be found.
  • I do a mad scramble on my phone looking for images of Pujols’ wife and family to confirm what I suspect
  • I immediately regret not trying to make small talk – something quirky about the new logo and colors would have been perfectly appropriate.

Boy and Girls, I think that I royally screwed this one up!!!

I think that I shared 5 minutes with one of the greatest baseball players of the last fifty years this afternoon.

And all I have to show for it is my hunch that I am indeed correct.  There was so much more that I could have done – I am kicking myslef pretty hard over this one…


Tim Raines 2009 SP Legendary Cuts – Game Used Bat Card #51/100

Tim Raines 2009 SP Legendary Cuts – Game Used Bat Card #51/100

It has been way too long since I added a nice card of Tim Raines to my collection, so I shopped around bit and found this beauty for a great price.

Issued in 2009, I love that the SP brand decided to use a photo of Raines in his Expos uniform for he card.

When I think of Raines, I absolutely think of the Expos first, and he is one of the franchise’s greatest players.  Hell, to take that one step further, I could easily argue that he is one of the decade’s best players too – 1980’s!!!

A fantastic addition to my collection.

And it cost me just a measly $1.99!!!   YES!!!

Gary Carter 2001 Topps Archives

Gary Carter 2001 Topps Archives

Say what you will about Gary Carter.  Sure, he loved the spotlight.  Sure, he smiled a little too much when the camera was on him.

But one thing is for certain – Gary Carter was not afraid to play the sport.  And he played hard!!!

Here is a little ‘proof in the pudding’:

Carter’s card from the 2001 Topps Archives set perfectly captures him playing the role of catcher to perfection!!!

Great job by Topps.  Incredible job by Carter!!!

And a fantastic addition to my Gary Carter collection!!!

Wade Boggs 1987 Fleer League Leaders

Wade Boggs 1987 Fleer League Leaders

Here is a horribly executed baseball card.

The design is terrible, the picture is awful, and while not the fault of Wade Boggs, the card simply stinks.

But, the theme is what attracts me.   I like the history of our game, and I love the ‘League Leaders’ theme.

Was Boggs a true league leader in 1987?  You bet he was!!

Boggs led the American League in the below categories during his ’87 campaign:

  • batting average – .363
  • on-base percentage – .461
  • OPS – 1.049
  • intentional walks – 19

Happy Anniversary Ryne Sandberg!!!

Happy Anniversary Ryne Sandberg!!!

On this day in 1984, Chicago Cubs’ second baseman Ryne Sandberg won the National League’s MVP award.  He was the first Cubs player to win the award since Ernie Banks did it in 1959.

Sandberg captured 22 of the 24 first place votes cast.

His incredible numbers included – .314 batting average, 200 hits, 36 doubles, 19 triples, 19 home runs, 32 stolen bases, 84 RBI, and 114 runs scored.  Sandberg also walked away with an All-Star game selection, a Gold Glove Award, and a Silver Slugger Award.

Happy Anniversary Ryno!!!