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New Page At 30-Year Old Cardboard: “Big Red Machine”

New Page At 30-Year Old Cardboard: “Big Red Machine”

Time to put my collection of Big Red Machine baseball cards and memorabilia up on display.

I have spent parts of the last two years putting this collection together and I am thrilled with the outcome to this point.  I will continue to work on it, and update this page through the process but I think that I am at a point right now where the set is worthy of being placed on display for you to enjoy.

So, click here to view my collection that celebrates my favorite baseball dynasty – “The Big Red Machine”.

Oh, and if you have any ideas as to what I should go after next to help bolster this collection, I am always accepting in new ideas.

Thanks for reading!!!

Andre Dawson 2004 Donruss Timelines ‘Boys Of Summer’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Andre Dawson 2004 Donruss Timelines ‘Boys Of Summer’ Game-Used Jersey Card

I have always been curious about this set of baseball cards.  And maybe I just don’t know how to get to the best online resources to do my research.  But I have seen countless versions of this card – from autos to relics to base cards.  I just have no clue as to how many are out there.

But one thing I do know, is what I have – and that happens to include base cards, relic cards, and autographed cards.  It may be time to invest some hours into the research of this – hell, I may be close to completing another rainbow and I don’t even know it.

Here is my latest pick-up from the set – Dawson’s jersey card.

The card looks great, but I think it would be just a tad better had Donruss included a piece of Grey jersey instead of the White.

Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck ‘Past Time Pennants’

Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck ‘Past Time Pennants’

This card’s theme is fantastic, and including Jim Palmer into a set that celebrates World Series championships is a no-brainer.

Palmer is of a rare breed – a very rare breed!!

Jim Palmer won three World Series titles with the Orioles during his 19 seasons in the major leagues.  That 19-year career spanned three different decades – the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

And Palmer won a title in each of them – 1966, 1970, and 1983!!

Here is the card:

Dennis Eckersley 1990 Topps

Dennis Eckersley 1990 Topps

I tell you what,. these 1990 Topps baseball cards are really starting to stand out as ‘Nice’ cards.

A design that I despised when released more than 20 years ago I find very appealing today.  I guess just like with all things – foods, TV, music, and baseball cards – your tastes can change over time…

Here is the card:

The photo used of ‘Eck’ on this card is outstanding!!  And the contrast between the dirt of the mound to the infield grass to the infield dirt and back to the outfield grass makes for a perfect baseball backdrop!!

A great addition to my Dennis Eckersley collection!!

Happy Birthday Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez!!!

Happy Birthday Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez!!!

Pudge Rodriguez turns 40 years old today.

Still a favorite of all Florida Marlins fans, Pudge Rodriguez should go down as one of the greatest players from his era!!

With a resume that includes 1 Most Valuable Player Award, 7 Silver Slugger awards, 13 Gold Gloves, and 14 All-star games, one has to wonder where Pudge ranks in the conversation about the game’s greatest catchers.

Through the 2010 baseball season, Rodriguez has tallied 2,844 hits, 1,354 runs scored, 311 home runs, 1,332 RBI, and he even has 127 stolen bases to his credit.

As he continues to climb towards a few more baseball milestones, it seems like his election into baseball’s Hall of Fame is inevitable.  One thing is for certain:  He has my vote!!!

Happy Birthday Pudge!!!