Well That Was Quick! Let The Hanley Ramirez Chatter Begin…

Well That Was Quick!  Let The Hanley Ramirez Chatter Begin…

From By Enrique Rojas, ESPNDeportesLosAngeles.com

DALLAS — Hanley Ramirez has informed the Miami Marlins that he does not want to move from shortstop to third base, a source told ESPNDeportesLosAngeles.com on Tuesday.

Heath Bell says he took less money to sign a four-year deal with the Marlins. Bell thinks Albert Pujols will make a decision by next week and says Hanley Ramirez would switch to try to win a championship.

“Hanley doesn’t want to play third base and the Marlins were informed of that,” the source said. “Rather than ask for a trade, what he has done is to inform (the team) that he does not want to play another position other than shortstop.”

Meanwhile, Andy Mota, Ramirez’s agent, said to ESPNDeportesLosAngeles.com about the situation: “no comment.”

Ramirez, a three-time All-Star and a .306 hitter in six full seasons, would have to move positions with the acquisition of Jose Reyes, who agreed to a six-year, $106 million deal with the Marlins on Sunday.

The only public comment that Ramirez has made since Reyes’ deal was through his Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon.

He wrote: “What I can do now is work hard and be prepared for next season because that’s all that I can control, I love you all !!!!”

Ramirez is under contract with Miami for the next three years. The Marlins owe Ramirez $47 million until 2014, thanks to a six-year, $70 million extension he signed in May 2008.


New Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said that he would understand if Ramirez feels neglected because of Reyes’ deal. He spoke with Ramirez before the signing and plans to call him soon to talk more about it.

“He must understand what is best for the club and he will be a better player having those two guys in front of him in the lineup,” Guillen said at the winter meetings about Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio.

“The last thing we would do is slap the guy and say ‘you have to move’, that is not the way,” Guillen said. “I think the boy will have the opportunity to be an All-Star third baseman. We have the opportunity to have two All-Stars in these positions, ” Guillen said.

3 responses to “Well That Was Quick! Let The Hanley Ramirez Chatter Begin…

  1. You called it! Hes an idiot. Hopefully Pujols reads into this, Hanley’s piss poor attitude & decides to stay here where he belongs!

  2. Well, I’ll give Hanley Ramirez a break until he publicly says that he won’t play third base… but really, he kinda looks like a spoiled brat and the Marlins front office doesn’t look very bright for not making sure all their ducks were in a row before signing Jose Reyes.

    • Paul- This is just the latest of many tantrums from Hanley’s camp. I hate to say this, because I truly enjoy watching him play, but trading him away for a quality SP and CF would not be a horrible decision by the team…

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