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Unveiling Two Of The Newest Signed Baseballs In My Collection!!!!

Unveiling Two Of The Newest Signed Baseballs In My Collection!!!!

Well, what can I say here??

Let’s try this – Yesterday was my birthday, and my family really hooked me up this year!!!

That sounds pretty good, I must say…

My wife had been asking me (some would call it hounding) what I wanted this year for my birthday.  And it just so happens that her question came almost simultaneously timed with a new ‘Sale’ email from Mill Creek Sports.

Well, if you connect those dots, I asked for a signed baseball for my birthday.

And after unwrapping my gift last night, it turns out that they got me two balls!!!

So, here they are:

Come on now, you thought that I was going to just show my balls to you like that??  LOL

Nah, I am going to take my time, make it a little more fun, and unveil them to you one at a time.

So, what is behind door number one??

I’m glad that you asked.  Here is ball number one:

Nice, huh?  In case it is a little too far away for you, that is an autographed baseball signed by Hall of Famer, and the greatest lead-off hitter in baseball history, Mr. Rickey Henderson!!!

Here it is again, but closer:


OK, now let me show you ball number two:

Can’t see it that well?  Ok, I will zoom in again for you…

AWESOME!!!  A signed baseball by the greatest hitter of my generation, Mr. Tony Gwynn!!!

Both balls have been signed on the sweet-spot, and in a nice bright Blue pen – just how I like them!!!

Two great additions to my signed baseball collection.  Two fantastic Hall of Famers that bring me right back to my childhood.

And most importantly, two great kids and one fantastic wife!!!  Thanks Guys!!!

Here is one more look at the famous pair:


Yogi Berra 2001 Topps Archives

Yogi Berra 2001 Topps Archives

If there was ever a question as to why I like the Topps Archives brand so much, this kind of card is the answer.

A re-print of Yogi Berra’s card from the 1952 Topps set, this is the closest that I would ever get to the original.  And I am OK with that.

I love the vintage look that this baseball card brings to us – and we all know how legendary that 1952 Topps set is!!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Tier One – Numbered To 799

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Tier One – Numbered To 799

Finally!!!  It took me way more time than anticipated, but I was able to score Andre’s base card from the Topps Tier One set.

And when I say base card, please keep in mind that each and every card in the Tier One set is serial numbered.  This card, the White version, is numbered to 799 – which is the highest of all variations, so I tagged it as the ‘base’.

As for the card, I am digging the look.  And while I have seen many of the colored, and lower-numbered versions, I happen to think that the White version is the best-looking one.


Frank Robinson 1991 Topps – Manager Card

Frank Robinson 1991 Topps – Manager Card

I like manager cards.  I find them to be fun.

But not this time – not in the slightest…

Have a look:

What a horrible photo.  Sheesh!!!

Give me the manager sitting on the bench.  Give him to me walking out to the mound.  Show him consulting with an umpire.

Anything would be better than this!!!

Dennis Eckersley 1989 Upper Deck

Dennis Eckersley 1989 Upper Deck

Ok, here is my guess as to what we’re looking at in this picture of Dennis Eckersley’s 1989 Upper Deck baseball card – He is walking off the mound after striking out another batter.

What is odd is that ‘Eck’ is not doing his normal fist-pumping celebratory act after ending an inning for the A’s.

Before Papelbon, Brian Wilson, and K-Rod, there was Dennis Eckersley.  They can imitate but they cannot duplicate!!!