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Wade Boggs 1991 Upper Deck ‘Final Edition’ – Batting Cage Card

Wade Boggs 1991 Upper Deck ‘Final Edition’ – Batting Cage Card

What you are about to experience is something that very few get to see.

A genius as work trying to perfect his craft.

Here you go:

It’s not too often that you get to see the best of the best trying to work to become elite.  For me, that is what this card’s message is.

Wade Boggs was a creature of habit.  He did everything the same, every single day.  From the way he got dressed to what he ate to his pre-game routines.

No wonder he is one of the greatest hitter of all-time!!!

Atta Boy Boggsy!!!

Robin Yount 2001 Topps Archives – Pick 1 Word TO Describe This Card

Robin Yount 2001 Topps Archives – Pick 1 Word TO Describe This Card

I am not sure of the one word that can accurately describe this baseball card.





Here is the card:

OK, now you try – give me 1 word that describes this baseball card.

The card comes from the 2001 Topps Archives set, a ’30-YOC’ favorite.  It is a re-print of the 1994 Topps design, and features an action photo of Hall of Famer, Robin Yount.

I guess when it comes right down to it, the picture used is just horrible.  Well, that is my opinion at least…  You have no clue what kind of contact Yount made with the ball – just that it made him make an awful face as a result.

Maybe that is the word – Awful.

Did You Know…

Rod Carew is the only player in major league history to capture a batting title while not hitting a single home during that season.  In 1972, Carew captured his 2nd of seven batting titles by leading the American League with a .318 batting average.   He amassed 170 during that campaign, but not a single home run.

1973 Headline: Fergie Jenkins Traded To The Texas Rangers

1973 Headline:  Fergie Jenkins Traded To The Texas Rangers

On this date in 1973, Fergie Jenkins was traded from the Chicago Cubs to the Texas Rangers, of the American League.

The trade was a 2-for-1 deal with Jenkins going to the Rangers in exchange for Bill Madlock and Vic Harris.  At this point, the Cubs were in a major re-building phase as Ernie Banks was retired and their core of Billy Williams, Ron Santo, and Jenkins were all considered as being ‘too old’.

Happy Birthday Craig Biggio!!

Happy Birthday Craig Biggio!!!

Craig Biggio turns 46years old today.

A true baseball star, Biggio shined during his 20 seasons with the Houston Astros.  And while he was never classified as the best player in the game, and at times not even the best player on his own team, Craig Biggio may end up being a first ballot Hall of Famer!!

A member of the 3,000 hits club, a 7-time All-star, a 5-time Gold Glove winner, and a 4-time Silver Slugger winner, Biggio’s all-around game made him a a fan favorite and hero in the Houston area for 20 years.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was scooping up his rookie cards – it’s hard to believe that he is now 45 years old.

Happy Birthday Mr. Biggio!!