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Dennis Eckersley 2006 SP Legendary Cuts ‘Baseball Chronology’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Dennis Eckersley 2006 SP Legendary Cuts ‘Baseball Chronology’ Game-Used Jersey Card

While recently adding a new Andre Dawson relic card to my collection, I saw that the seller had a large handful of HOF relic cards at pretty solid pricing.  I nabbed a small stack of them, including this card of Dennis Eckersley for just $2.99.

I really like the card, and while a bit on the busy side, the design is pretty nice.  I especially like the Gold coloring of the background – it gives the card an element of royalty – and that is certainly where a player like ‘Eck’ belongs!

Great card!!!

Tony Perez 2001 Topps Archives

Tony Perez 2001 Topps Archives

It seems as if Topps honored their Record Breakers cards in their new Archives set by simply re-issuing the same exact card, just in a more modern fashion (thicker cardstock, glossier finish).

And I am good with that – especially when the card looks like this:

This card of Tony Perez is an exact replica of his card from the 1986 Topps set.

The card honors Perez as being the oldest player in major league history to hit a Grand Slam.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the new record holder is Julio Franco, who in 2005 hit a Grand Slam at the age of 47.

Frank Robinson 2010 Topps Turkey

Frank Robinson 2010 Topps Turkey

Not much to see here at all folks, please move along…