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Andre Dawson 2002 Topps American Pie – American Sluggers – RED

Andre Dawson 2002 Topps American Pie – American Sluggers – RED

I’ve got a small stack of these cards featuring Andre Dawson from the 2002 Topps American Pie set.

I already owned the Gold, Silver, and Blue versions.

Time to throw a little Red into the mix!!!!

Here you go:

Oh, Yeah!!!


Jim Palmer 2011 Topps Lineage

Jim Palmer 2011 Topps Lineage

I am loving this card of Jim Palmer from the 2011 Topps Lineage set.  Featuring a very young Palmer, the card’s image has captured him in the midst of one of the greatest pitching wind-ups from the 1970s.

And the combination of outfield wall and stadium full of fans makes for a fantastic backdrop!!!

Bert Blyleven 2001 Topps Archives

Bert Blyleven 2001 Topps Archives

Would you believe that this is just the second card of Bert Blyleven that I am featuring on this blog?  Pretty odd right???

The first card was part of my ’30 in 30′ series about the best rookie cards of the 1970s.  So now, after more than three years, it is time for card #2.

This one comes courtesy of the 2001 Topps Archives baseball card set.  And while I would much rather have that 1971 rookie card in my collection than this one, this one is still pretty nice.

Have a look:

I am loving the horizontal photo of this card!!  And the very dark background makes the image of Blyleven really pop too.


Bo Jackson 1990 Topps All-Star Glossy – Send In

Bo Jackson 1990 Topps All-Star Glossy – Send In

Topps was still pushing cards through their ‘mail-in’ process during the early 1990s.  Still used as a treat for their customers that consumed a hefty amount of ‘wax’, the sets were a nice gift to offer for the loyal, and more dedicated collector.

And while I really like the cards, including this one of Bo Jackson, I wish that a little more effort had been made to feature some more exclusive images.

Nonetheless, here is another nice looking card for my Bo Jackson collection.

Did You Know…

Elmer Smith is the first player in major league history to hit a Grand Slam in the World Series.  During the Fall Classic of 1920, Smith hit a Grand Slam in Game 5 helping his Indians team with the championship.