’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Rookie Card Stocking Stuffers!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Rookie Card Stocking Stuffers!!!

OK gang, after a few weeks off, I am ready to jump back into the weekly ‘Top Ten Lists’ again.

So, since we are just a week away from Christmas, I thought I would offer up a holiday themed list this week.

This week, I will present you with my ‘Top Ten Stocking Stuffers’.  In my house, it has become a tradition that the family’s stocking are opened up on Christmas Eve – a little warm-up to the next day’s big event if you will…

The rules for our family stockings are simple – all combined gifts cannot exceed $20.  Other than that, anything goes…  In the past, my stocking has contained DVDs, CDs, candy, and of course, baseball cards!!

So, now you have the background, let’s get on to it.  Below are the ten rookie baseball cards that I would love to see in my Christmas stocking next weekend – and if shopped properly, each could be had for less than $20…

Honorable Mention – Dave Parker, Bert Blyleven, Vida Blue, and Willie Randolph.

10 – Steve Garvey

9 – Dave Concepcion

8 – George Foster

7 – Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage

6 – Kirk Gibson

5 – Jack Morris

4 – Luis Tiant

3 – Keith Hernandez

2 – Carlton Fisk

1 – Rollie Fingers

And there you have it.  Who knows, maybe I’ll find one or more of these beauties in my stocking next Saturday night.  If so, I will surely let you know..

If you could choose one rookie baseball card to find in your stocking, what would you like to see?  And stick to the rules – under $20!!!

3 responses to “’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Rookie Card Stocking Stuffers!!!

  1. Love that Steve Garvey. Great year and great card.

  2. I’d love the Foster, and would add fellow BRMers Cesar Geronimo to my personal list. I already have Griffey Sr and I think I have Concepcion…and there ain’t no way I’d ever find Bench, Rose or Morgan under $20.

  3. Catfish Hunter for me i would love that card!!!

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