Happy Birthday Steve Carlton!!!

Happy Birthday Steve Carlton!!!

Steve Carlton turns 67 years old today.

Steve Carlton is one of the game’s greatest pitchers of all-time.  And one of its most under-appreciated as well…

Carlton had a dominant 24-season major league baseball career.  A first ballot Hall of Famer, Carlton’s resume boasts some incredibly impressive accomplishments:

  • 4 Cy Young awards
  • 10-time All-star
  • 329 career victories
  • 4,136 strikeouts
  • 1 Gold Glove award
  • 1972 National League Triple Crown winner
  • Member of the 1967 World Series champions

See what I mean??  Not too many men that have played this game can compare.

Cheers to you, ‘Lefty’!!!  And Happy Birthday too!!!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Steve Carlton!!!

  1. Happy Birthday! Cardinals really messed up sending you to Philly, but it worked out great for you Mr. Carlton!

  2. Carlton also won a ring with the Phillies in 1980 and one from the sidelines with the ’87 Twins. You can read more if you like on my blog:

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