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Reggie Jackson 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game – Yankees Clippings’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Reggie Jackson 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game – Yankees Clippings’ Game-Used Jersey Card

I’d been wanting to add another high-end card of Reggie Jackson to my collection ever since the end of October.

Well, I think this card will fit the bill.  Nicely.

This card is an absolute beauty!!!

I am loving how Fleer added the pinstripe frame around the actual swatch of jersey.  And the stadium facade that runs horizontally across the entire card looks fantastic!!!


Fergie Jenkins 2006 Fleer Greats Of The Game

Fergie Jenkins 2006 Fleer Greats Of The Game

Amazingly, I had yet to add this card to my Fergie Jenkins collection.  So, that stops now and into the collection it goes!!!

I have a bunch of these cards of other Cubs legends – from Dawson to Grace to Banks to Sandberg – somehow Fergie alluded me up until now…

Onward and Upward!!!!


Satchell Paige 2001 Topps Archives

Satchell Paige 2001 Topps Archives

I will admit it – I don’t know very much about Satchell Paige.

But, what I do know is that Topps and its Archives set have done it again – another beautiful card of a baseball legend!

The card, modeled after Topps’ 1952 base set is sweet.

Have a look:

Wade Boggs 1991 Score Superstars

Wade Boggs 1991 Score Superstars

I love seeing photos of Wade Boggs playing third base while wearing a Red Sox uniform!

Known primarily for his hitting skills, Boggs was a great defender.  And unfortunately, he was only recognized as such in one season, and that was while with the New York Yankees in 1994.

Still, Boggs amassed a very respectable fielding percentage of .962 while playing third base for 18 seasons.  And if it was not for Buddy Bell, Gary Gaetti, and Robin Ventura he may have a little more hardware to show for it!!

Great card!!

Happy Birthday Hanley Ramirez!!!

Happy Birthday Hanley Ramirez!!!

Hanley Ramirez turns 28 years old today.

One of the most talented baseball players ever to wear the Marlins uniform (Florida and now Miami), Hanley Ramirez has the skills and baseball smarts to be the leader and centerpiece of his team.

His ability to dominate the game with his speed, hitting, power, and defense are all evident – I have seen him do it numerous times.

Want proof?


In 2007 he stole 51 bases.
In 2008 he slugged 33 home runs.
In 2009 he won a batting title with a .342 average.

And if he was focused and determined, I think he can do it for a full season.  And maybe, just maybe, be tabbed one day as ‘The Best Player In The Game’!!!

Happy Birthday Hanley!!!

Topps Is Bringing Back Archives & Fan Favorites – YES!!!!

Topps Is Bringing Back Archives & Fan Favorites – YES!!!!

Sounds like two of my favorite modern baseball card sets are making comebacks in 2012.  And I can hardly wait!!!

Archives will be a full set of cards, with a release date to be determined.  And it appears that Fan Favorites will be a part of that Archives set.

No checklists or release dates have been issued just yet, but Topps has released a few pictures to whet our appetites.

Have a look:

Sick stuff, right?

Man, I am really hoping that this set includes Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins in the checklists – I LOVE THESE SETS!!!

*Hat-tip to reader Matt for the info

*Hat-tip to Beckett for the details