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Johnny Bench 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ – My New Favorite Card Of Johnny Bench

Johnny Bench 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ – My New Favorite Card Of Johnny Bench

One of the things that I always liked about Johnny Bench is that he was always a huge fan of the game with an unquenchable desire to learn as much as he could about its strategy, players, and intricacies.

This card, from the 2001 Fleer Greats set, captures that perfectly!!!

Have a look:

Caught in the on-deck circle, Bench is surveying the land.  Just look at his intense glare – checking the defense, watching the pitchers, keeping an eye on his base runners – Johnny Bench was the best!!!

And this card easily leap-frogs all other cards of Mr. Bench that I presently own – it is #1!!!

Think you have seen a better card of him?  Show me!

Kirby Puckett 1988 Score Highlights

Kirby Puckett 1988 Score Highlights

Loving the theme of a ‘Highlights’ set, Score hit us with one in their debut issue all of the way back in 1988.

And while I was never too thrilled by the bright Orange color of their border, I was very excited to see a player like Kirby Puckett included.

Here is the card:

What a swing, huh??


Happy Birthday AJ Burnett!!!

Happy Birthday AJ Burnett!!!

AJ Burnett turns 35 years old today.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching most of AJ Burnett’s career.

It has been nice to see Burnett reach some pretty impressive baseball milestones.  Obviously, his Yankees team won the 2009 World Series and AJ played a crucial part in their playoff run.  As a Marlin he did not participate in their 2003 World Series title run, but AJ threw a no-hitter for the Marlins and I still get chills watching the final out play out in anticipation of the team celebrating his efforts.

At times he has looked more like a hurler than pitcher, but at other times he has looked like a Top 5 talent.  I really hope AJ can remain healthy for the remainder of his career and develop a reputation as being one of the most dangerous pitchers in the American League.

Happy Birthday AJ!!!

Ozzie Smith ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1995 Upper Deck

Ozzie Smith ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1995 Upper Deck

Now that my Ozzie Smith collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #4 – 1995 Upper Deck

Understandably, Ozzie Smith was known as a defender-first.  His incredible play at shortstop revolutionized what we could expect from an infielder, and he made playing defense cool.

Ozzie’s offensive skills were solid as well – especially his ability to ignite the team by scoring runs.

In total, Ozzie scored 1,257 runs for the Padres and Cardinals franchises.

This card from the 1995 Upper Deck baseball card set captures Ozzie’s ability to score runs to perfection!!

A Special Shipment Headed To Mr. Fergie Jenkins!!!!

A Special Shipment Headed To Mr. Fergie Jenkins!!!!

After a long holiday weekend, it is back to work today.  But not before a quick detour to the Post Office.

One of my collecting goals for 2012 is to add some bulk to my Fergie Jenkins collection.  So, I am taking the first steps in that process this morning.

This very special package is headed to Mr. Jenkins this morning!!!

Care to guess what’s inside??  🙂