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Signing Results: 4-Time Batting Champion, Mr. Bill Madlock!!!

Signing Results: 4-Time Batting Champion, Mr. Bill Madlock!!!

I participated in a signing that was hosting Bill Madlock back in December.  Madlock had eluded me a few times prior, but this time around the price was right.  So, I pounced!!

Handled perfectly by the team at ‘St. Louis Sports Collectors’, my baseball was signed and inscribed just as I asked.

Come see:

Pretty cool, huh??

I am loving the ‘4x BC’ inscription.  In fact, of the many signed baseballs in my collection, this is the first one that has an inscription that has to do with a batting championship.   And if my memory is correct, I have four other signed balls by players that have won batting titles during their careers!!!

Thanks for reading!!

Reggie Jackson 2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends – SWEET!!!

Reggie Jackson 2000 Upper Deck Yankees Legends – SWEET!!!

Come on now, how nice is this???

Even if you are not a fan of the Yankees, there is no mistaking that Upper Deck did a great job producing this set of cards.  And this card of Reggie looks perfect!!

Capturing the backswing of a mighty Reggie ‘Rip’, you can see just how hard Reggie swung the bat based on the body language of his follow-through.

And with all of the Navy and White elements in the graphics of the card, this one is a WINNER!!!

Wade Boggs 1989 Topps Glossy All-Star

Wade Boggs 1989 Topps Glossy All-Star

Wade Boggs had a superb season in 1989.  And he was certainly worthy of the 5th All-Star appearance during the ‘Mid-Summer Classic’.

Of my favorite stats of his from ’89, my favorite has to be: 19.


Yes, 19!

Wade Boggs was intentionally walked 19 times during the 1989 baseball season.  The league leader in that category, I see that as a huge badge of honor for the Hall of Famer.  You see, the IBB was usually given more to the Cansecos, Fielders, and Deers of the baseball world.  But for a guy that only connected for three home runs, that is a huge credit and show of respect for just how dangerous he was at the plate!!


Jim Palmer 2004 Donruss – 1983 World Series

Jim Palmer 2004 Donruss – 1983 World Series

This is a cool one issued by Donruss in 2004.  It celebrates the Baltimore Orioles World Series title in 1983, which happened to be Palmer’s third and final championship win.

And while this is not a ‘Did You Know’ segment, did you know that Palmer won titles in three different decades?  Yep – in 1966, 1970, and 1983!!

While we have seen similar images of Palmer in other modern issues, this one looks great – a very complimentary backdrop helps seal the deal!!!

Did You Know…

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the only team in the modern era of Major League Baseball to produce five consecutive Rookie of the Year award winners.  They are:  Eric Karros (1992), Mike Piazza (1993), Raul Mondesi (1994), Hideo Nomo (1995), and Todd Hollandsworth (1996).

The Winner Of The 1981 Fleer & 1982 Donruss Giveaway Is….

The Winner Of The 1981 Fleer & 1982 Donruss Giveaway Is….


Here is how the final rankings went:

Congratulations!!!  And just in case anyone wanted to know what ‘2r2d’ stands for, it means ‘To Red To Die’ – and it is a fantastic blog dedicated to the Cincinnati Reds!!!

And here is one more look at the vintage prize:

Thanks for playing everyone.  My next giveaway is just a few weeks away – Stay Tuned!!!