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FINALLY – Time To Announce The Next Player I Will Be ‘Super-Collecting’!!!

FINALLY – Time To Announce The Next Player I Will Be ‘Super-Collecting’!!!

I have been holding back for a few weeks in anticipation of this announcement…

But now, I am ready!!!

I have chosen another player to build a tribute to – and as usual he comes from an era that I love and respect.  His play was integral during that time, and what he accomplished during his career cannot be matched by many.

He is also highly collectible, and is found in multiple new issues each and every year.  And since I have already collected all of his major brand releases from his playing days, that certainly gives me some new goals to go after as he has a ton of cards issued from 2000-now.

He also offers up a beautiful autograph – and that is a must for any player that I intend to honor.

So, without further ado…

It is time…

The next player that I intend to build a ‘Super Collection’ of is…

James Alvin Palmer!!!

Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned.  It will be a great ride – I promise!!!

Andre Dawson 1989 Topps All-Star – Tiffany!

Andre Dawson 1989 Topps All-Star – Tiffany!

Finally, I can show off my first ‘NEW’ Andre Dawson baseball card of 2012!!!

Ain’t she purty???

You have to love the shiny-goodness that only Topps Tiffany could deliver!!!

Wade Boggs 2001 Topps Archives

Wade Boggs 2001 Topps Archives

Gotta love the ‘Archives’.  And if said ‘Archives’ happens to feature my favorites mustache-wearing third baseman, it is even better!!

Have a look:

The 1989 Topps baseball card set is one of my favorites from the decade – probably a ‘Top Five’ choice.

And I especially love the ‘Record Breakers’ subset from that set – it features some ’30-YOC’ favorites.  From Dawson to Carter to My Main Man, Wade Boggs!!!


Tony Gwynn 1992 Score All-Star

Tony Gwynn 1992 Score All-Star

For some reason, this card’s cartoon likeness of Tony Gwynn looks a lot more lifelike and a lot less cartoonish than what I believe was the intent.

I guess that it can be said that I am not really a big fan of this card.

Are you?

Still, adding this one into my Tony Gwynn collection does get me one step closer to the finish line.  Gotta stay positive!!!

Did You Know…

Bret Saberhagen is the only eligible 2-time winner of the Cy Young Award that has not been elected into the Baseball Hall Of Fame.