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If You Had Just One Vote, Who Would Get It???

If You Had Just One Vote, Who Would Get It???

OK, so obviously the major headline this week in both the baseball and baseball card world is Barry Larkin’s election into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I like Larkin, always have.  In my eyes, he is certainly a Hall of Fame talent.  But I do think that there were some other eligible players on the list that deserved enshrinement into Cooperstown before Mr. Larkin.

As we all know, the writers of the BWAA have the ability to vote for up to ten players annually for induction into the Hall of Fame.  And over the last 7-10 days, I have read countless blogs discussing and making strong arguments for many of the players that have yet to be elected.

I want to join in that discussion.

So, here is my question ‘If You Had Just One Vote, Who Would Get It’???

You don’t get ten, or nine, or even two votes – Just ONE VOTE!!!

Let me know who you think is the most worthy of all of the possible inductees.  Not who you think will get in – but is the MOST worthy of the eligible list.

I’ll get it started – and it is not easy.  But after weighing all of the stats, and going back to my days as a kid watching tons of baseball in the 1980’s, and thinking about the players and their team and league impact, my choice is clear.

So, no disrespect to some of the guys that I really loved watching play as a kid – Dale Murphy, Alan Trammell, Lee Smith, Don Mattingly, Jack Morris – I have great memories of watching each of you dominate the sport at points of your career.

But for me, the ONE guy I think deserves election into the Hall of Fame more than any other eligible player is:

Mr. Tim Raines.

Now, let me know who you’ve got!!!

Reggie Jackson 2001 Upper Deck ‘Legends Of New York’

Reggie Jackson 2001 Upper Deck ‘Legends Of New York’

I can sum up this baseball card with this statement: ‘Great Idea, Poor Execution’.

Think of all of the great possibilities that a set tagged as ‘Legends Of New York’ could bring.  From Mantle to DiMaggio to Seaver to Maris to Ruth to Ryan, and of course to Reggie Jackson.

Then think of the design elements that could have been adopted – spray paint, trains, subways, big apples, skylines, airplanes, statues, monuments – and the list goes on.

Instead of anything like this, we got this:

Again, I say – ‘Great Idea, Poor Execution’.

Kirby Puckett 1994 Pinnacle

Kirby Puckett 1994 Pinnacle

Ready…  3, 2, 1 – CONTACT!!!

This card could have been so much better if the photo was zoomed out just a bit more…

Still, it does capture the mighty swing of Mr. Kirby Puckett.  And that swing did give us 2,304 hits in 12 fun-filled seasons.

Gotta love Kirby!!!  I am so glad that I got to watch him play!!!

Joe Morgan 1998 Fleer ‘Legends Of The Game’ – FAIL!!!

Joe Morgan 1998 Fleer ‘Legends Of The Game’ – FAIL!!!

I love Joe Morgan.  He is easily one of my favorite players of the 1970’s – and quite possibly my favorite member of ‘The Big Red Machine’.

But with all of that being said, this card is horendous…

Simply stated, Fleer did a horrible job with this release.  The lesson to learn here is, ‘You Get What You Put Into It’.  And Fleer put nothing into this baseball card…

Sorry Mr. Morgan.


1981 HEADLINE: Bob Gibson Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame

1981 HEADLINE: Bob Gibson Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame

Bob Gibson has the reputation as one of the toughest players to ever take to the pitching mound.  And his numbers are equally as tough!  In seventeen seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals, Gibson composed a 251-174 record.  He has a career ERA of 2.91 alongside 3,117 strikeouts.  Gibson was a 8-time All-star, 2-time Cy Young award winner, league MVP, 9-time Gold Glove winner, and a 2-time World Series champion.

Gibson was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on his first ballot.  He collected 337 of 401 votes cast.