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Billy Williams 2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts – ‘Legendary Materials’ – Game Used Jersey Card

Billy Williams 2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts – ‘Legendary Materials’ – Game Used Jersey Card

While not an official ‘goal’ of 2012, I do want to acquire some more modern-era cards of Billy Williams during the new year.

I am still roughly 6-7 cards away from obtaining each card that was issued of him during his playing days, but some of them carry a pretty hefty price tag.  So, as I shop for them, I will go after the modern stuff as well.

The first card that I scored is a Game-Used relic card from the 2009 SP ‘Legendary Materials’ set.  And she is a beauty.  And she is numbered to just 80/100 copies.

Have a look:

A fantastic addition to my collection that honors ‘Sweet Swinging Billy Williams’!!!


Jim Palmer 1984 Ralston Purina Trading Card

Jim Palmer 1984 Ralston Purina Trading Card

Purina was just one of the many companies that tried to cash in on the baseball card boom of the mid-1980s.

From snack cakes to soft drinks to fast food restaurants – everyone wanted a piece of the pie.  Even Purina – a pet food company!!

Here is their effort from 1984:

Purina partnered up with Topps – and the result is pretty good.  I wish that they had chosen a better picture, but from what I can see, most of the Purina cards issued in 1984 feature some kind of close-up of the players.

A nice odd-ball for the new Palmer collection!!  Oh, Yeah!!

Bo Jackson 1991 Donruss Baseball’s Best

Bo Jackson 1991 Donruss Baseball’s Best

Got Blue??

Yes we do!!!

This card is loaded with Blue tones – from the border of the baseball card to Bo’s uniform t0 Bo’s wristbands to Bo’s helmet.

I have plugged all of this data into my ‘Blue Calculator’ and it has reported that 61% of this baseball card is covered in Blue.


Did You Know…

Joe Torre logged more than 500 games at catcher, third base, and first base during his playing days.

Happy Birthday Ozzie Guillen!!!

Happy Birthday Ozzie Guillen!!!

Ozzie Guillen turns 48 years old today.

The former Chicago White Sox manager has moved on to the Miami Marlins, and I am very eager to see how he manages this new club as they certainly have their eyes on winning.

So, excuse me for not going into more detail about Guillen’s playing career; a career that included – the 1985 Rookie Of The Year award, 3 All-Star appearances, 1,764 hits, and a Gold Glove.

Happy Birthday Mr. Guillen!!!  Let’s Go Marlins!!!