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FINALLY, A Yogi Berra Signed Baseball For My Collection!!!!

FINALLY, A Yogi Berra Signed Baseball For My Collection!!!!

First, I tried to get one signed for free.  And I failed.

Then I tried to get one with a donation to his foundation.  And I failed.

From there I knew that if I wanted one, I would have to shop for it.  So I did.

I shopped…

and shopped….

and shopped some more….

and then I landed one.  And it is a beauty!!!

Check it out:

A beautifully signed Yogi Berra baseball – perfectly centered on the sweet-spot of the baseball.

Yogi offers up a pretty small autograph, but it is unmistakable – and this one happens to be PSA certified, ultimately making my purchase even better!!

An instant classic for my collection – this one is worthy of landing a spot on the ‘Top Row’…


Fergie Jenkins 2005 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes – Base

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes – Base

As I look to build my Fergie Jenkins collection to 300 unique cards by the end of the year, tackling the 2005 Donruss Hall of Fame heroes set is a ‘no-brainer’.

Chock full of alternate and parallel versions that consist of no less than 20 different cards, I am starting that challenge now.  And while I have no expectations of completing the full set of Jenkins cards from this issue, I will gladly take on as many as I can find.

So, why not start with the base card.

Here it is:

Dennis Eckersley 1988 Score

Dennis Eckersley 1988 Score

While Purple is not a traditional baseball or baseball card color, it does work very well with the 1988 Score baseball card set.  I have a handful of these cards, for the guys that I collect, and the Purple works.  For all of them.

The latest evidence – Dennis Eckersley.  Come see:

I told you!!

Eck’s image pops off of this baseball card, and I think that a lot of that has to do with the fantastic background coloring.

A great addition to my baseball card collection that celebrates the career of Dennis Eckersley!!!


1997 Headline: “Don Mattingly Retires From Baseball”

1997 Headline: “Don Mattingly Retires From Baseball”

On this day in 1997 the above headline, or something very close to it, appeared on every sports page across America.  Don Mattingly, ‘Donnie Baseball’, was retiring from the country’s national past-time.

Don Mattingly gave us 14 years.  14 wonderful years.  14 years of memories that will last and be passed down  from generation to generation.  Never the most talented player on his team, Mattingly was without question the leader of his New York Yankees team.  His incredible vision and skill as a contact hitter were remarkable.  And for a few years in the mid-1980’s he thrilled us at the plate as his batting average hovered close to .350 season after season. 

But Mattingly was not a 1-dimensional player.  When needed, he was able to hit for power and do it well.  Mattingly blasted 222 home runs in his career and hit 30 or more homers 3 times.  And then there was the 8-game streak in 1987 in which Mattingly launched a homer in each game.  A truly amazing feat by this great competitor!!

And to round out his play, Mattingly was a dominant defender at 1st base.  A 9-time Gold Glove winner, ‘Donnie Baseball’ could do no wrong when taking the field.  In 1,634 career games at 1st base, Mattingly committed just 64 errors.  That’s just 1 error per 25 games played and just 6 per year.  INCREDIBLE!!!

The Hall of Fame debate about Mattingly always makes for interesting conversation.  He won the MVP award one time, and finished in the Top 10 for the award 3 more times.  He has been to 6 All-star games, won 3 Silver Slugger awards, and has 9 Gold Gloves to his credit.  Whether he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame is an argument that could go on forever, but he will certainly go down as one of the best, if not the best, 1st baseman to play baseball in the 1980’s.

1982 Headline: Reggie Jackson Joins The Angels

1982 Headline: Reggie Jackson Joins The Angels

On this day in 1982, Reginald Martinez Jackson signed as a free agent with the California Angels.

The deal, a five-year pact, moved Reggie back to California.  It was during this time that Reggie was moved from an outfielder position to Designated Hitter.