I Am Proud To Announce That My Bo Jackson Player Collection Is Now Complete!!!

I Am Proud To Announce That My Bo Jackson Player Collection Is Now Complete!!!

That’s right folks, another player collection from the ’30-YOC’ roster is complete and in the books.   Not a bad way to start off the collecting year, huh??

This collection of Bo Jackson really brings back some great memories from my youth.  I spent a good amount of time collecting Bo as a kid, and still have some very vivid memories of watching him at the plate, in the field, and on the base paths.

Bo Jackson was a player unlike any other – he truly helped take excitement about baseball to another level.  And his effect on sports marketing and advertising should be noted as well.

So, here is it.  A full collection of every major brand release of Bo Jackson baseball cards from his time with the Kansas City Royals:

And remember, as I do with all of my newly completed player collections, next week I will unveil my ‘Fab Five’ cards from the set.  The fun begins next Monday.

Thanks for reading!


3 responses to “I Am Proud To Announce That My Bo Jackson Player Collection Is Now Complete!!!

  1. I am extremely jealous of this collection! is the really cool 1990 Score card in B&W (Shoulder Pads/Bat) part of this collection? Did Topps ever make a Glossy All Star card of Bo Jackson?

  2. I Wanna Say All My Bo Jackson’s are 1986 and 1987.

    The Sets I Still Have Are…
    1986, 1987 & 1988 Donruss Rookies, Topps Traded, and Fleer Ultra.
    I Think 1991 Donruss Rookies.
    1989 and 1990 Upper Deck.
    And 1991 and 1992 Score.
    And, My Crown Jewels…
    My MIKE SCHMIDT Collection.
    My FRANK THOMAS Collection.
    And A Couple Signed RAY FOSSE’s hehehehe
    Yeah, I Know…
    …It’s Been A Long Time Since I Did ANYTHING With My Baseball Cards.
    BUT, I Did Hang-On To Those I Liked Most.
    And, I Was Smart Enough To Keep Them In A Controlled Environment.
    So They’re All Still JUUUUUST FINE 😉

    I Do Enjoy Browsing About Your Blog, Dude.
    It’s ALWAYS A Quickie “Blast From The Past” For Me.

    You Take It Easy, Sir.

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