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READER POLL: Which Rocky Movie Is Your Favorite??

READER POLL:  Which Rocky Movie Is Your Favorite??

I have always been a fan of the ‘Rocky’ franchise, while admitting that I really have not cared too much for the last two installments.

Still, the films fairly represent the periods in which they took place, and I find that the storylines are just as engaging to me today as they were at the time of their release.

The television channel A&E has been airing a 2-hour documentary about the ‘Rocky’ series providing us with some great insight about the films with interviews from the stars and people who worked on the production side too.  I found the documentary to be pretty insightful, and I was happy to see that most of the main characters from the series were sought out to be interviewed for the project.

All of this got me to thinking – What is my favorite ‘Rocky’ movie of them all?

So, after going back and forth and really thinking about how these films impacted me when I first watched them and how they still impact me today when I catch them, my decision is very, very clear.

My favorite ‘Rocky’ movie from the series is:

Rocky 3!!!!

Of the group, this is the one that excites me the most today when watched.  The addition of ‘Clubber Lang’ as the villain was perfect for the film.  And since Mr. T was new to the acting scene, it made him very believable as a ‘bad guy’ as we have no other roles to compare him to from other films.  Also, I love the role that Hulk Hogan took on as ‘Thunder Lips’ – it was brilliantly played, and certainly memorable.  I also really enjoy the dramatic scenes between Rocky and Mickey and Apollo – all of them were done very well, and have left lasting memories for me.

OK, now it is your turn, let us know which ‘Rocky’ film is your favorite, and if you feel like sharing more, let us know why too.

Thanks for reading!!!

One more time – ‘The Ultimate Male versus The Ultimate Meatball’!!!  LMAO

Andre Dawson 2005 Topps Finest – BLACK – #d to 99

Andre Dawson 2005 Topps Finest – BLACK – #d to 99

I keep pecking away at this set, bit by bit. 

So far, my collection of Andre Dawson baseball cards from this 2005 Topps Finest set is at seven cards.

The latest acquisition is this one:

Serial numbered as 95/99, this is the ‘Black’ version of the card.  You cannot really see it clearly in the background, but the Black behind Dawson’s image features a ‘fingerprint’ design’ that looks great with the Black and Grey contrast that it provides.

A great addition to my collection!!

*And a ‘Hat-Tip’ to Charlie for the generous donation!!


Orel Hershiser 2003 Donruss Signature Series – ‘Legends Of Summer’

Orel Hershiser 2003 Donruss Signature Series – ‘Legends Of Summer’

I picked up this card for just $0.18 on a recent splurge with Sportlots.com.  And while I really have no intent of adding modern cards of Orel Hershiser to my completed set that contains every major-branded card from his days with the Dodgers, this one had my intrigued a bit…

Here is the card:

Serial numbered as 205/250, I have become a fan of this set.  The set honors some fantastic baseball players, many of which I enjoyed watching as a kid.

Oddly enough, the cards that I have scored from this set feature players that not only were ‘Legends Of Summer’ but also could be tagged as ‘Heroes Of Fall’.  Examples of that would be Jim Palmer, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, and now added to that list, Orel Hershiser.


Wade Boggs 1992 Topps All Star – GOLD

Wade Boggs 1992 Topps All Star – GOLD

Another ‘Goldie’ from the 1992 Topps baseball card set for my collection…

This one features Hall of Famer, and personal favorite, Mr. Wade Boggs!!

Have a look:

As most of us recall, Topps issued the same cards as their base cards in two different versions in 1992 – Gold & Gold – Award winners.  I don’t recall how they were found, whether they were inserted into packs or what-not. 

Can anyone out there clarify?  From what I can tell, the ‘Gold’ version is the more rare as I see the price tags on these being higher than the ‘Gold – Award Winners’ versions…

Please confirm.  And ‘Thanks’ for the help!!!