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Bo Jackson ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1988 Score

Bo Jackson ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1988 Score

Now that my Bo Jackson collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #1 – 1988 Score

As you all know, the 1988 Score baseball card set is a favorite around the ’30-YOC’ household.

And Bo Jackson’s card from that set does not disappoint, not in the slightest.

Here is the card:


There are so many elements of this baseball card that I find to be likable.  They are:

  • great action photography
  • perfectly centered photograph
  • bright, vivid border color
  • team-themed coloring
  • addition of a bold color (Yellow) to solid background

All of that adds up to this card being my favorite in the Bo Jackson collection that I have completed.  While the 1987 Topps card could have earned this ranking due to the memories it conjures up of collecting during my youth, it is not quite as spectacular as this one!

Thanks for reading.

Andre Dawson 1988 Star Company – RED

Andre Dawson 1988 Star Company – RED

As I continue to plug away and try to find new cards of Andre Dawson for my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection, I am finding that task getting harder and harder.

The result of my searching is that I am finding singles from the 1980’s that are being sold on Ebay for relatively low prices, but when coupled with the shipping fees, the price tag jumps considerably.  Sometimes I wish that Ebay would impose shipping rates on single card auctions/sales.

So, I paid $3.25 for this baseball card.  I am happy to own it – just wish that I didn’t have to fork over that $2.25 to bring it to my house.

Have a look: 

1992 Fleer Superstar Special w/Wade Boggs & Harold Baines

1992 Fleer Superstar Special w/Wade Boggs & Harold Baines

The Fleer Superstar Special cards of the 1990’s were nothing quite like the great cards that I loved during the 1980’s.

Evidence of that fact (yes, I called this a fact) is the card from the 1992 Fleer set that featured Wade Boggs and Harold Baines.

Have a look:

See what I mean?  The photographer of this photo couldn’t even get the guys to look at him for a second so he could snap a decent pic.

So, while this was a ‘need’ for my Boggs player collection, I am adding it because I feel like I have to, not because I want to!!


Did You Know…

Of the 14 major league baseball players to hit at least 600 doubles during their playing days, Barry Bonds is the only player of the group that was never the league leader of that stat.  Bonds hit 601 doubles during his major league career, with a career-high of 44 in 1998.

Miami Marlins Shortstop Jose Reyes Will Cut His Hair Friday On MLB Network

Miami Marlins Shortstop Jose Reyes Will Cut His Hair Friday On MLB Network

by Joe Capozzi

It might be hard to envision Jose Reyes without his long hair. But you’ll have a chance to get a good look at Reyes with short hair.

In fact, you can watch Jose’s hair as it’s going, going, gone! Reyes will get his haircut Friday on MLB Network, according to a tweet from one of his representatives.

“It’s official: Jose Reyes will cut off his trademark long hair Friday on the MLB Network. More details to follow,” Reyes’ agent, Chris Leible, said tonight on Twitter (@chrisleible).

Reyes’ dreads became his trademark with the Mets. But he knew he’d have to cut his hair once he signed his six-year, $105-million contract in December.

His new employer, the Miami Marlins, has team rules prohibiting long hair.

“If I have to cut it off, no problem,’ Reyes told Marlins beat writers in December. “It’s not gonna affect me the way I play the game.”

An MLB Network spokesman confirmed that Reyes will be on the show Friday.

Luis Tiant Autographed Baseball – YES!!!

Luis Tiant Autographed Baseball – YES!!!

With all of the attention that I have been paying to the ‘Big Red Machine’, it is very hard to ignore the great Red Sox teams of the mid-70’s.  And of that squad, my personal favorites are Luis Tiant and Fred Lynn.

Tiant was an enormous talent, with one heck of a personal story.  A baseball-rich family, Luis wanted to play baseball at the highest level and eventually accomplished that very goal.

Well, while shopping on Ebay a few weeks ago, I sought out autographed baseballs of Tiant, and to my surprise the selection was limited.

But, I did find one that was perfect – the auto, and the price tag.

And now, that beautifully signed baseball is a part of my collection.

Have a peek: