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Jack ‘The Ripper’ Clark Signed Baseball

Jack ‘The Ripper’ Clark Signed Baseball

You may recall that a few months ago I sent in a baseball for a Harold Baines signing.  Well, I actually sent in two baseballs for that event.

1 was for me, and 1 was for a reader of this site – McGee-Fan51.  Gerad has been a loyal reader of this blog since the beginning, and he also happens to really like Harold Baines.  So, I hooked him up.

And as ‘payback’, Gerad took care of me at a recent autograph signing he attended in St. Louis.  The player?

Jack Clark!!!

Here is the ball:

Clark has a pretty sweet autograph, huh??  And for a slugger, his signature is quite artsy…

Clark was a true slugger during his playing days!!  From the moment that Clark earned a full-time job in the majors, he was producing runs at a torrid pace.  In total, Clark crushed 340 homers and drove in 1,180 runs.  He smashed at least 20 home runs in 11 of his 18 big league seasons, with his career high of 35 coming in 1987.

Thank you McGee-Fan51 and Thank you Mr. Clark!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Update – Diamond Anniversary Parallel

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Update – Diamond Anniversary Parallel

Man, trying to grab all of these 2011 Topps Andre Dawson baseball cards has become a bit of a challenge.

Here is my latest score:

This card is known as the ‘Diamond Anniversary’ version from the 2011 Update set.

And yes, it is as shiny as it looks in the scan!!!

I am off to buy the rest of the 2011 Dawson cards that I need – 2012 is about to hit the streets and I need to get focused.

Dennis Eckersley 1977 Topps

Dennis Eckersley 1977 Topps

Here it is, Dennis Eckersley’s 2nd year baseball card!!!

Have a peek:

Man, of all of the players that I collect, I believe that it is Dennis Eckersley whose image is most representative of the era.

I mean, you would absolutely say ‘1970s’ when looking at this photo, right???

Did You Know…

Wade Boggs holds the record for the most consecutive seasons with at least 200 hits and 100 walks.  The Hall of Famer accomplished the mighty feat in four straight seasons – from 1986 to 1989.

1949 Headline: DiMaggio Inks Record 6-Figure Contract!!!

1949 Headline: DiMaggio Inks Record 6-Figure Contract!!!

On this day in 1949, the Yankees and Joe DiMaggio agreed on the first 6-figure contract in major league baseball. 

That’s $100,000 a year.  An amazing salary for the standards of that era, but chump change in today’s sports world.  Just the other day, Lebron James got fined $25k for kicking a water cooler during a game.  $25k is less than 1% of what LBJ brings home a year, but it was a 1/4 of what Joltin’ Joe made during the 1949 baseball season.

Wanna see the contract?  Click here – It’s pretty cool!!!