Alan Trammell 1982 Donruss

Alan Trammell 1982 Donruss

For some reason, I find Alan Trammell to be a very photogenic baseball player – especially while on defense.

An example of that is this baseball card of Trammell from the 1982 Donruss set.

Have a look:

Think about how many times Trammell fielded a grounder just like this one.  Heck, in 1982 Trammell played in 157 games and handled the ball 734 times from shortstop.  He had a fielding percentage of .978 during that season while recording 259 putouts and 459 assists.

Atta Boy Alan!!!

One response to “Alan Trammell 1982 Donruss

  1. Yeah I like this Trammell card too. His photogenic-ness improved through the years. Early in his career he seemed to get caught on camera with his mouth open a lot. Whether his camera-awareness improved as he older or what, idk….

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