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FOR SALE – Fergie Jenkins 8×10 Photos With Hall Of Fame Inscription At An UNBEATABLE PRICE!!!

FOR SALE – Fergie Jenkins 8×10 Photos With Hall Of Fame Inscription At An UNBEATABLE PRICE!!!

I am not one to try to make money off of my blog.  ’30-YOC’ is a hobby of mine, and I get a lot of personal pleasure from it.

Recently, on Ebay, I saw an auction come up for a ‘Lot of 5 Fergie Jenkins signed photos’.  The title piqued my interest, as did the very low opening bid price.

Well, I won the auction and am now the proud owner of these great photos of my favorite pitcher:

Pretty nice, huh???  Yeah, I agree!!

Here is a close-up:

But I don’t really need five of them for my collection.  So, I am going to offer them up to the fine readers of this blog.  And I have no intention of making any kind of profit on the deal – simply cover my cost of the photo and shipping to you and the picture is yours.

So, I have four of these mint beauties available, and you can have one of them for the very low price of just $11.00.  Yep, $11.00 and that covers the cost of my shipping to you as well – WHAT A DEAL!!!

If you have ever wanted a signed photo of Fergie Jenkins for yourself or to give away, you will probably not find a better deal than this one.  And, if you ever considered starting a signed HOF photo collection, why not get Fergie for a great price??

If you are interested, simply leave me a comment and I will get back to you with instructions for payment.  I would prefer that orders are paid via Paypal, and I will accept payment and process these on a first-in, first-out basis.

Thank you for reading.

Dennis Eckersley 1989 Topps – Bleh!!!

Dennis Eckersley 1989 Topps – Bleh!!!

Just another wasted opportunity to capture a great chance at showcasing the sport’s best closers.

Topps could have given us something royal, something grand, something to cherish.

Instead they gave us this:


Johnny Bench 2009 Topps ‘Ring Of Honor’

Johnny Bench 2009 Topps ‘Ring Of Honor’

No matter what king of ring of honor you have in the sport of baseball, Johnny Bench is a deserving entrant.  He absolutely played the game the right way, and his effort wore off on his teammates too.

The card from the 2009 Topps ‘Ring of Honor’ subset pays tribute to Bench’s second World Series title captured in 1976.  In that series, Bench hit .533 with 8 hits in 15 at-bats.  Of his 8 hits, 2 were home runs.  He also scored 4 runs in the series, while driving in 6.

Great card!!!

Happy Birthday Joe Garagiola!!!

Happy Birthday Joe Garagiola!!!

Joe Garagiola turns 86 years old today.

A 9-year major league veteran, Joe Garagiola a pretty lasting legacy in the sport of baseball after having a career that would be considered as par or under-whelming.

Garagiola was a highly-touted teenager when he began to get scouted by major league teams.  A catcher, he made it to the big leagues at the young age of twenty.

In total, Garagiola played just nine season, but he did so for some storied franchises: the Cardinals, Pirates, Cubs, and Giants.

As a player, Garagiola amassed 481 career hits en route to a .257 batting average.  He hit 82 doubles and 42 home runs during that stretch.  Defensively, he was solid, and had a pretty good knack of throwing out potential base stealers; he caught 36% of the guys that tried to run on him.

Garagiola was a member of the Cardinals World Series winning team in 1946.  In 5 games, he hit .316 with 6 hits, 4 RBI, and 2 runs scored.

Happy Birthday Mr. Garagiola!!!