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Dave Winfield 2004 Topps – So Many Things To Like About This One!!!

Dave Winfield 2004 Topps – So Many Things To Like About This One!!!

The title says it all, so let’s get right down to it…

Here is the card:

And now on to the many reasons that this card is ‘winning’:

  1. Old school Padres uniform and logo – Winfield started his career with the Padres, but is more known as a Yankee because of the attention he got in New York and in Toronto for winning the World Series.
  2. Great team-themed framing – sometimes that is all it takes to set a card off right, and this one contains perfect Padres coloring around Winfield’s photo.
  3. Silver accents – sometimes they are too much, but in this case they offer nice accents and look great against the White background.
  4. Logo-man in lower-left hand corner – it matches the same stance of Winfield and compliments the card very well.

There you have it – did I miss anything??

Reggie Jackson 2002 Topps ‘T-206’

Reggie Jackson 2002 Topps ‘T-206’

Obviously I am a fan of modern-era cards that pay homage to the great cardboard of the past. 

So, while I applaud Topps for their efforts in 2002 with their ‘T-206’ set, I don’t find it that appealing.  I like the design, but the choice of images is not that good (at least from what I have seen).

Example of that is their Reggie Jackson card. 

Have a look:


Tony Gwynn 1988 Fleer Superstar Special With Vince Coleman

Tony Gwynn 1988 Fleer Superstar Special With Vince Coleman

Oh yeah, Baby!!!

It’s hard to go wrong with a baseball card that features two of your favorite players from your youth.

And for as many times that Fleer ‘got it wrong’ with some of their pairings for their Superstar Special series, this one is perfect (at least in this collector’s eyes).

Have a peek:

What I like most about this card is that I don’t think you could find better players to fit the titles of ‘Best At’.  Tony Gwynn was the best at hitting.  Vince Coleman was the best at base stealing.


Ron Guidry 2001 Upper Deck ‘UD Decades – 1970s’

Ron Guidry 2001 Upper Deck ‘UD Decades – 1970s’

 I had no idea how dominant Ron Guidry was during the 1978 baseball season until I watched the ESPN mini-series ‘Bronx Is Burning’.

Watching that film made me check his stats, and that ultimately led to me buying the baseball card you find below.

Guidry’s numbers from ’78 are astounding:  25-3 record, 16 complete games, 9 shutouts, 1.74 ERA in 273 innings of work, and 248 strikeouts.  Guidry was an All-Star in 1978, and he won the Cy Young Award too, while finishing in second place for the league’s MVP award.  He also helped lead the team into the playoffs and ultimately the World Series championship!

Did You Know…

No pitcher has allowed more home runs in a single season that Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven.  In 1986, Blyleven allowed 50 home runs.  The second highest tally came courtesy of Jose Lima who allowed 46 round-trippers in 2000.

Miami Marlins To Be Feature Team Of Showtime’s ‘The Franchise’

Miami Marlins To Be Feature Team Of Showtime’s ‘The Franchise’

MIAMI (AP)—With their profile on the rise, the Miami Marlins are getting a TV show.

This season the Marlins will be the focus of Showtime’s documentary series,“The Franchise.” That means unprecedented exposure for a team that has finished last in the NL in attendance each of the past seven seasons.

Showtime and Major League Baseball Productions announced the decision Monday and said the Marlins were an appealing choice as a team in transition. They hired Ozzie Guillen as manager and spent $191 million to sign All-Stars Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Heath Bell, and they anticipate sellout crowds nightly this year as they move into a new ballpark.

“The Franchise” made its debut last season by focusing on the San Francisco Giants.