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Fred Lynn Signed My Baseball In Just Over One Week!!! YES!!!!

Fred Lynn Signed My Baseball In Just Over One Week!!!   YES!!!!

You may recall that early last week I sent a baseball to Fred Lynn in hopes of obtaining his autograph for my collection.

You may also recall that I worked out a deal prior to sending the ball so the autograph was pretty close to a guarantee.  My donation to the pet-friendly charity that Lynn supports was going to seal the deal for me.

And it worked.

I am just very surprised at how fast it all happened!!!

The baseball was mailed from FL to CA and back to FL in just nine days.

And now I have this fine addition to my signed baseball collection.

Here is the ball:

Nice, huh??

I am really going to enjoy this one!!!  And he added the inscription just like I asked for!!!

I am a fan of all baseball things from the 1975 season, and Lynn was a major part of that history-filled year.  He won the American League Rookie of the Year and MVP Awards for his superb play.  He also helped lead the Boston Red Sox to the World Series, which they ultimately lost to ‘The Big Red Machine’ in seven games.

Thank you Mr. Lynn – an instant favorite for my collection!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Tier One – Numbered To 50

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Tier One – Numbered To 50

I’m still trying to knock out some 2011 cards of ‘The Hawk’ from 2011 before the 2012’s really start to pour in.  I may be too late…

This card is from the ‘Topps Tier One’ set and is the ‘Black’ parallel version.  The card is serial numbered to just 50 copies – this one is number 22.

Have a peek:

For this set, this is my fourth card.  I have seen the ‘Purple’ one that is numbered to just 25 copies, but it sold for more than what I was willing to spend so I let it go.

A SWEET Pair Of Kirby Puckett 1991 Stadium Club Baseball Cards

A SWEET Pair Of Kirby Puckett 1991 Stadium Club Baseball Cards

I’m killing two birds with one stone with this post.

I recently picked up a hefty stack of Kirby Puckett baseball cards for my close-to-complete player collection.  And in that stack was two cards from the 1991 Topps Stadium Club baseball card set.

So, why not show them off at the same time, and scratch two needs off of my ‘Want List’…

Here we go:

Card #1

Card #2

For me, I like card #1 better – while it does not offer as much action as card #2, it does center the subject perfectly.  And there is no doubt as to what Puckett is doing (warming up).  In card #2, I am left with a few questions, the most notable being ‘Fair or Foul’??

Of the two, which one do you like the most???

Happy Birthday Ron Cey!!!

Happy Birthday Ron Cey!!!

Ron Cey turns 64 years old today!!

If I could use 1 word to describe Ron Cey’s baseball abilities it would be = SOLID.  This guy appears to have had no weakness!!! 

In his 17-season career, Cey established himself as a good hitter for average and power with the ability to drive in runs.  I think that one of the greatest factors of this was that Cey played with the same players for half of his career.  As a member of the LA Dodgers in the 1970’s Cey was on an infield line-up that played together for 8 straight seasons.  By the end, they were a well-oiled offensive and defensive powerhouse and ended up winning the World Series in 1981 while Cey took home the Series MVP Award.

A real friend of the fans, Mr. Cey has signed tons of autographs for his fans in lightning quick time.  In the past year alone, he has signed for me three times.  And each time, he delivers a beautiful signature and usually in less than 10 days time!!

Happy Birthday and Thank You Mr. Cey!!!

Valentine’s Day Brings Me Five Packs Of 2012 Topps – Come See!!!

Valentine’s Day Brings Me Five Packs Of 2012 Topps – Come See!!!

While I fully understand the importance of Valentine’s Day from a female’s perspective, I also tend to think of February 14th as a marketing gimmick too.

But, I do get my wife something every year – and she usually gets me a few treats too.

This year, instead of snacks or candy, I got something much, much better – 5 rack packs of 2012 Topps!!!

And now, it is time to show off the highlights of ripping through that ‘wax’!!!

Ready?  Here we go!!!


Rookies and All-Star Rookies

League Leaders & Active Leaders


Golden Greats

Timeless Talents

Classic Walk-Off

Golden Moments

Gold Standard

WoW!!!  So much better than some chocolate or candy hearts!!!!