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1994 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

1994 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

The 1994 baseball season marked the second team in the franchise’s history – and one that I am personally connected to.

You see, I moved back to Florida in 1994 after graduating high school.  I moved here during the baseball season, and I was captivated to find that my ‘old’ hometown had been inundated with professional sports while I was ‘away’ in Chicago for five years.

I immediately attached myself to the new baseball team, and this squad from ’94 is one that I recall fondly.

On to the cards:

As for my favorite card from the set…  That is easy:

Are you kidding me?  A multi-exposure card of Bret Barberie??  Jeez, that kind of honor usually goes to a guy like Nolan Ryan or Ken Griffey.  Something tells me that collectors outside of Broward and Dade counties were scratching their heads on this one by Topps.  But not this collector…


Brooks Robinson 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Brooks Robinson 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

There are some amazing modern-era baseball cards of Brooks Robinson out there.  And many of them do a solid job in paying tribute to his amazing skill as a baseball defender.

On that list should be this card of him from the 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions set.

Have a look:

A truly great looking baseball card that really ‘paints a great picture’.  Sounds a little cheesy, but this card looks fantastic in person.

I have seen a decent assortment of cards from this set, and many are brutal.  This one is the opposite – it is unique, and a must have fan anyone that collects Brooksie!!!


Reggie Jackson 2002 Topps – ‘Who Would Have Thought’

Reggie Jackson 2002 Topps – ‘Who Would Have Thought’

Who Would Have Thought that Topps would use such a horrible border color on a baseball card design?

Who Would Have Thought that Topps would use two terrible pictures of one of the most photogenic players in this history of the sport on the same card?

Who Would Have Thought that I feel like I overpaid for this one when I shelled out $0.18 for this card?

Who Would Have Thought, Ughhhh….

Jim Abbott 1990 Fleer

Jim Abbott 1990 Fleer

Man, Fleer could have done so much better than this…  I am truly disappointed with their image selection for this 1990 issue that features Jim Abbott.

Have a look:

Not only is the image out-dated (for that time) because Abbott it wearing a jersey with #60 on it (numbers like that are usually reserved for non-roster players) but I have to imagine that will all of the attention Abbott was getting during his rookie campaign of 1989 that there was a surplus of quality images available of Abbott to be had.

Grade: D-

Tony Gwynn 2004 Fleer ‘Greats’

Tony Gwynn 2004 Fleer ‘Greats’

I’m not sure that any other team’s color scheme works better with this baseball card than that of the San Diego Padres.

Check it out:

See what I mean??

The Browns used by Fleer in the framing of this card set issued in 2004 is perfect for the Padres’ colors.  The two-tone elements work perfectly with the uniform that Gwynn is sporting in the image that was used.

Had Fleer used an image of Gwynn in his White uniform, it may not have worked out as well.

But we don’t have to worry about that, now do we???