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Why Didn’t I Think Of That Sooner???

Why Didn’t I Think Of That Sooner???

You would be amazed at some of the searches terms that I have saved in ‘My Ebay’.

But, what this does for me is allow me to keep tabs on a plethora of newly-listed items across Ebay while not making me seek them out myself.  The saved search is a fantastic tool – one this collector could not collect without!!

And the other day, I caught something in one of my searches that struck me.

And it gave me some instant hope that I can quickly, and easily, add a few more cards to my Andre Dawson player collection as I get closer to 1,000 unique cards.

The ad was for ‘1981 Topps Montreal Expos Team Set w/Dawson Carter Raines’.  But, it was the image that captured me and immediately got my mind racing…

The image was for the team card of the Expos from that 1981 Topps set.


Why didn’t I think of that sooner???

I have no team cards in my Dawson collection, but he is sure to be featured on them – so they do qualify.

A quick search lands me with 5 more opportunities to bring home some new Andre Dawson stuff – 1977 Topps, 1978 Topps, 1979 Topps, 1980 Topps, and 1981 Topps.

Time to start hunting!!!

Amazingly, I have added Chicago Cubs team cards to bulk up my Billy Williams collection, but for Dawson, it never crossed my mind.  I was so consumed with keeping up with the modern issues, that I took a break from looking back at vintage stuff!!

Let the games begin!!!

Thanks for reading.


Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Tier One – Blue – #/199

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Tier One – Blue – #/199

I keep trying to chip away at this set – but I am really finding that the pickings for this set are slim.

So far, this is my fourth card from the 2011 Topps Tier One set that features Andre Dawson – serial numbered to 799, 199, 99, and 50.  I have seen the ‘Purple’ version too – it is numbered to just 25 copies – and when it came across Ebay, I was just not ready to pounce at the price tag that was presented to me.

That may have to change if I hope to acquire it…

Only time will tell…

Stay tuned; I know that I will!

Rod Carew 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants

Rod Carew 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants

After fouling off two pitches with the acquisition of my Ron Santo and Frank Robinson cards from this 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants set, I am now hitting the ball sharply.

The first example of that was my Dave Parker card which is full of bright, vivid colors.

And now I have this beauty of Rod Carew, which also employs outstanding color:

I am so happy that Upper Deck chose to go with Carew in his Twins uniform for this card rather than his Angels one.  The Twins’ colors look great with this baseball card design, and something tells me that if Rod was wearing his Angels digs, it would be lacking…

Great Job UD!!!

Lee Smith 1985 Topps

Lee Smith 1985 Topps

1985 was yet another strong season for Lee Smith.  By the time that the ’85 season had rolled around Smith was a full-time closer for the Chicago Cubs – and one of the league’s most successful.

During the ’85 season, Smith capture 33 saves for the second straight campaign.  He also rung up seven wins and a winning percentage of 64%.  Smith’s ability to dominate from the mound in the ninth inning while remaining in control of the game is most obvious when looking at his 10.3 strikeout per 9 innings tally.

Happy Birthday Dave Stewart!!!

Happy Birthday Dave Stewart!!!

Dave Stewart turns 55 years old today!!

As solid of a starting pitcher as there was during the late 1980’s, Dave Stewart was the picture of consistency and dominance.

From 1987-1990, Stewart amassed 84 wins and 35 losses – good for a 71 win percentage!  He put the Oakland A’s team on his shoulders and carried them to the playoffs in each of those seasons, culminating in 3 trips to the World Series.  And in those 3 attempts at winning the grand prize, Stewart and his teammates were victorious in 1989 when they swept the Giants.

Dave Stewart is and will always be one of the pitchers that I enjoyed watching in my youth.  His dedication to the sport, and his professional approach were admirable.  A soft-spoken man off of the field, on the field he was strictly business and his silent leadership resulted in 5 trips for his teams to the World Series.

Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart.  A true class act!!!

Andre Dawson – Bulking Up, Part 2

Andre Dawson – Bulking Up, Part 2

What you see below is 1,200 Andre Dawson baseball cards.  Yes, 1,200!!

The result of winning two separate auctions within a week of each other has brought me a sizeable stack of cards to add to my already awesome collection that honors ‘The Hawk’.

If you know me at all, I have a lot of work to do now – organizing, sorting, cataloging, and then dropping them all into penny sleeves and possibly top loaders.

And once all of that is done, I will share the results with you – I am hoping to find a few ‘new’ cards for my player collection in here.

Here is a look at the total haul:

Oh, and for you set, team, and player collectors out there – If Andre Dawson is on any of your ‘want lists’ please let me know.  I think I can help you!!!

Thanks for reading!!