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GIVEAWAY TIME – minis, minis, and more minis!!!!

GIVEAWAY TIME – minis, minis, and more minis!!!!

Yessir, it is time for another great giveaway courtesy of ’30-YOC’.

This time around, I am going to be giving away a sweet lot of modern-era minis that I have been accumulating for a little while now. 

Chock full of star cards, this lot would make a great addition to your collection, and they can be yours!!!

To make yourself eligible for these mini-sized baseball cards, simply leave a comment on this post and let me know you’re interested.  I will throw all names into a hat, and use a web-randomizer tool to select the winner!!

So, get going – Let me hear it!!  All entries must be submit by Wednesday at midnight so I can promptly announce the winner on Thursday morning.

Here is the prize:

Thanks for reading.  And playing!!!

Dale Murphy 2004 Playoff ‘Tools Of The Trade’

Dale Murphy 2004 Playoff ‘Tools Of The Trade’

During a recent trip to the last baseball card store within close proximity to my house, I picked up a new card for my Dale Murphy collection.

Typically, I use the store just for my supplies as their assortment of cards is wildly unorganized.

Still, sometimes unorganized can be a good thing – especially for a collector like me who enjoys the chase…

So, along with some supplies, I dove into a bargain box.  I brought home a few cards, eight in total.

One of those cards was this one:

I love me some Dale Murphy.   And I love me some ‘Tools Of The Trade’ baseball cards.  There was no way that I was not going to bring this bad-boy home!!!

The price tag – $0.25!!!

And she is serial numbered as 23/150 too.

Kirby Puckett 1987 Fleer ‘All-Star Team’

Kirby Puckett 1987 Fleer ‘All-Star Team’

When I look at this baseball card of Kirby Puckett, it makes me wonder how excited the team at Fleer must have been to be able to produce a card like this.  Surely, they were all impressed with their graphics skills.

Fast forward 25 years, and this card would fail a 2nd grade art class. 

It truly is amazing how far technology has come as it relates to design.  Even more amazing is that I vividly recall pulling these ‘rare’ cards from wax packs of 1987 Fleer – 25 years ago!!!

1968 Topps Game – Orlando Cepeda

1968 Topps Game Orlando Cepeda

Orlando Cepeda enjoyed a 17-season major league career that saw many team and personal rare feats.

As a member of the Giants and the Cardinals, Cepeda reached the World Series three times, winning one title in 1968 as a member of the Cards.

Individually, Cepeda was a 7-time All-Star, as well as a Rookie of the Year and MVP winner.  He collected 2,351 hits during his career as well as 379 home runs, 1,365 RBI, and amassing a .297 batting average.

Cepeda was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veteran’s committee in 1999.

Progress – 10/33

Roy Halladay Arrives To Spring Training In Style…

Roy Halladay Arrives To Spring Training In Style….

This photo was too cool to not share with everyone!  Happy Monday.

Happy Birthday Livan Hernandez!!!

Happy Birthday Livan Hernandez!!!

Livan Hernandez turns 37 years old today!!!

Livan was the primary reason that the Florida Marlins won the World Series title in 1997.  If it wasn’t for his amazing pitching in the NLCS and World Series who knows if the Marlins would have been able to prevail.  I can still remember Livan screaming ‘I Love You Miami’ as he put the team on his back on the way to the title.

For Livan’s birthday I am going to give him a treat.  This is certainly not something you should give a professional athlete that is tuning up his body for another season, but I want Livan to enjoy himself.  I’m going to get him a $25 gift card to McDonalds.  Silly you say?  NO!!!  Livan loves fast food.  Hell, in the months after winning the World Series in 1997, it was rumored that Livan gained up to 43 pounds from his constant trips to the drive-thru window at McD’s!!!