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Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Update – Cognac Set Of Two!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Update – Cognac Set Of Two!!!

Amazingly, I am still working on the 2011 Topps releases that feature my favorite baseball player – Andre Dawson.

But, I am very happy to report that I am getting closer to having most of the ‘easy to obtain’ cards of ‘The Hawk’ that were released in 2011.

My latest two cards come from the Topps Update set, and they are both the ‘Cognac’ versions of Andre’s base card from that set.

Have a look:

Pretty cool, huh?

After obtaining both of these beauties, I can officially say that I have now collected all of Dawson’s cards from the Topps Update set.

Now, I am hopeful that I can move on to the few that I still need from the many releases that Andre was part of in 2011!!

Wish me luck.

Gary Carter 2001 Upper Deck ‘UD Decade’ 1970’s!!!

Gary Carter 2001 Upper Deck ‘UD Decade’ 1970’s!!

Jeez, talk about a photo that takes you right back to the 1970’s….

From the Powder-Blue Expos uniform to the wild head of hair sported by Carter, the image used in this baseball card screams 1970’s!!

And the border color works very well with it too.

This set, issued in 2001 by Upper Deck, features some very bold border colors.  From Bright Purple to Orange to Yellow and more – but for this card featuring Gary Carter, the color choices of Lime Green, White, and Blue are a perfect fit.

An excellent addition to my Gary Carter collection!

Rest In Peace, my friend.  You are missed.

Kirby Puckett 1991 Bowman – Donut Alert!!

Kirby Puckett 1991 Bowman – Donut Alert!!!

I love baseball cards.

I really love baseball cards that feature players signing autographs in the photos.

I am enamored with baseball cards featuring players in batting cages.

And I also really, really enjoy baseball cards that feature player images with donuts on their baseball bats!!!

Here is the latest addition to my collection of another ‘Dount’ card:

And it also happens to be another card for my Kirby Puckett player collection too.

Gotta love it!!

My First Time – Albert Pujols – April 2, 2001

My First Time – Albert Pujols – April 2, 2001

The Setting – Coors Field.  Denver, CO.

From Pujols – ‘Bobby Bonilla wasn’t going to be able to play right away because he was hurt, and that’s what opened up the spot for them to take me.  I gave myself permission to be excited then’.

The Boxscore – Rockies 8, Cardinals 0.  Pujols goes 1-for-3 while playing left field on Opening Day for the Cardinals.

Happy Birthday Bobby Bonilla!!!

Happy Birthday Bobby Bonilla!!!

Bobby Bonilla turns 48 years old today.

One of my favorite Marlins from the 1997 championship team, ‘Bobby Bo’ was a fan-friendly, and very funny member of the team.  I remember Bobby coming into the local sporting goods store that I was working at years ago.  It was 1997, but it was very early in the season before any of us thought that we had a chance to win the title.  He joked and kidded with several of us, and was genuinely a nice guy.  He signed a few autographs and had a few conversations with us prior to leaving.

It was a thrill for all of us to meet ‘Bobby Bo’ on that day 11-12 years ago, so today I want to again say ‘THANKS!!!!’ to the man that helped the Florida Marlins win the World Series in 1997 and helped make a few fans extra happy on that day when he stopped by and hung out for a few minutes!!! 


The Winner Of The ‘mini’ Giveaway Is…

The Winner Of The ‘mini’ Giveaway Is…

‘The Dimwit’


Here is a look at how the rankings shook out:

Congrats again to ‘The Dimwit’!!!!

And here is one more look at the prize:

To all those that played, Thank you!!

And don’t worry, the next giveaway is right around the corner!  Stay tuned.