Who Wants To Play Fantasy Baseball With ’30-Year Old Cardboard’????

Who Wants To Play Fantasy Baseball With ’30-Year Old Cardboard’????

I am a big fan of fantasy baseball.  And while I don’t get too consumed with the ultra-competitive leagues that are out there, I find the idea of selecting my own roster and managing my players to be a fun one.

My platform of choice?  Yahoo Fantasy Baseball.

I have always joined public leagues and just caught on with a group of people who I do not know.  It has been fun, and I have done a decent job of placing in the ‘Top 3’ a handful of times.

I was contemplating about creating my own league this year, and wanted to see if the great readers of this blog had any interest in joining me.

If so, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post.  My preferred style of play is rotisserie, and I use the auto-draft versus live draft feature for selection of my players.

Each league consists of twelve players, so I am looking for eleven people to join me.  As soon as people start showing interest, I will email out the league name and password in a first come, first served basis.  I will cap the entries at eleven, and if more people wan to play I will either create a waiting list or if the demand warrants, it create another league.

Thanks for reading.  Now who is ready to ‘Play Ball’???

16 responses to “Who Wants To Play Fantasy Baseball With ’30-Year Old Cardboard’????

  1. I would play with you. I live for fantasy baseball!

  2. I’ll play. And for those interested. I had a post about Fantasy Baseball’s 2012 First Round. You can read it here…..



  3. Count me in!

  4. I’ll do it. Let me know when you have a draft date. Thanks.

  5. i’m a different keith than the first keith. you can never have enough keiths!

  6. I need a pimp for my draft please…..

  7. 10 spots filled – would like to get two more players to round out the league at 12. I will be sending an email to the interested players tonight…


  8. BA – if there’s still room, I’d like to give it a try. It would be my first season and with the family demands, I might be the doormat for everyone……but what the hey!

    Let me know when and where and what to click. I like the auto-draft option (no pressure)…..


  9. Room for a first timer?

  10. hi didnt get email. try dfwbuck at aol dot com thanks!

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