Special Delivery From Ferguson Jenkins!!!!

Special Delivery From Ferguson Jenkins!!!!

Last month I sent a special shipment to Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins in hopes of adding a few more autographs to my collection.

Well my friends, that ‘special’ box is now back with me and I am happy to unveil the treats that were inside to all of you.

The box contained two items.

Here is a shot of the first one:

A Rawlings official Hall of Fame logo baseball – now beautifully signed in Blue ink with the requested ‘HOF 91’ inscription.  And while I am not a huge fan of the side-paneled signed baseball, for these special edition baseball, I gladly change that opinion.  This ball looks great!!!

If you recall my original post announcing that I was sending something to Fergie, you probably also recall the size and shape of the box.  If not, here is a quick teaser

And now that you probably have a better idea of what was inside, here is the second item that I sent Fergie’s way:

Yep, a full-size Rawlings Big Stick baseball bat, perfectly signed in Blue.  And just for good measure, another great ‘HOF 91’ inscription too!!!

Here is a close-up:

This is the second baseball bat that I have in my collection (not surprising that Dawson was the first, huh?) and while I have no real intention of stocking up on lumber, I am really happy that I went this way.

This bat and special edition baseball are great additions to my collection, and I am thrilled to have both of them home with me.

Special thanks to Fergie Jenkins for signing these items for me.  And special thanks to Craig for helping me get these done!!!


3 responses to “Special Delivery From Ferguson Jenkins!!!!

  1. That….is…..super…..sweeeeeettttt!

  2. Man, I totally guessed it was a batting helmet in that box. I’m not good at this game.

    I am excited for you, Ferguson Jenkins was a hell of a pitcher. Wasn’t a bad hitter for a pitcher, either. In his Cy Young winning year, he hit 6 home runs and a .478 slugging pct!

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