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Andre Dawson 1989 Topps ‘Double Headers’

Andre Dawson 1989 Topps ‘Double Headers’

Another great addition to my rapidly growing Andre Dawson baseball card collection.

This one comes courtesy of the 1989 Topps ‘Double Headers’ set, and it is the second card of its kind that I have scored (the first is from the 1990 set).

Small in size, and encased in a plastic frame, the card is a nice throwback to the late 1980’s baseball card era.

Here is the front of the card:

And here is the back:

I am very excited to have this one in my collection.

I can’t wait to see what comes next…

Joe Morgan 2001 Upper Deck Decades – 1970’s

Joe Morgan 2001 Upper Deck Decades – 1970’s

Joe Morgan is one of my favorite players from the 1970’s.  And for all of the ney-sayers out there that do not care for Morgan, I doubt that nay of you would not have liked having him on your team during the prime of his career.

On the field, Morgan could do it all – hit for average, hit for power, steal bases, and score runs!!

He currently ranks in the 33rd spot on the all-time list for runs scored during a career with 1,650.  And he is 11th in stolen bases with 689 swipes!!

Go Get ‘Em Joe!!!

Mike Schmidt 2001 Topps Archives

Mike Schmidt 2001 Topps Archives

Few players could measure up to Michael Jack Schmidt!!!

And this card of him from the 2001 Topps Archives baseball card set pays homage to his 1989 baseball season, the final season of his career.

A few numbers from Schmidt’s ’89 campaign – 42 games played, .203 batting average, 30 hits, 7 doubles, 6 home runs, 28 RBI, and 19 runs scored.

Tony Gwynn 1991 Score Superstar

Tony Gwynn 1991 Score Superstar

Score got it right in 1991 by adding Tony Gwynn to their ‘Superstar’ subset.

And I am really happy to see him featured on this card while playing defense…

It is hardly ever discussed, probably due to his ranking in the sport’s history as one of the greatest hitters, but Gwynn was a solid defender in the early years of his career.

As a matter of fact, he captured four Gold Glove awards in a six season span from 1986 through 1991.

Did You Know…

Don Mattingly is the all-time leader in fielding percentage for first baseman.  His fielding percentage of .9958 stands at the top of the list.

‘Greentown Cards’ Was Correct, I Found Three More Variations For My Andre Dawson Collection…

‘Greentown Cards’ Was Correct, I Found Three More Variations For My Andre Dawson Collection…

… and that means three more cards to add to my official checklist of cards that feature my favorite baseball player of all-time!

Very excited about this – and I am a little surprised that these have passed me by so many times before…

Anyway, here are the three Donruss border variations that I just found:

1988 Donruss – The most obvious of the trio – you can see that the border design is flip-flopped on these two cards.

1989 Donruss – Not as obvious, but if you look closely, the grading of the Blue and Purple as they blend into one another happens at two different points.

1990 Donruss – This was tough to spot initially.  But after really studying the confetti-esque borders, you can see that the card on the right does not have the same pattern of spots that the card on the left contains.

And there you have it – three new treasures uncovered right before your eyes!!

Thanks Jason.

2 SPOTS REMAIN – Who Wants To Play Fantasy Baseball With ’30-Year Old Cardboard’???

2 SPOTS REMAIN – Who Wants To Play Fantasy Baseball With ’30-Year Old Cardboard’???

The title of this post says it all, there are two open spots left in the 12-team league that I have created for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball.

So, if you are interested in playing with me and 11 other baseball and baseball card collecting pals, let me know and I will send you a link with the details of how you can join our league.

I’d really like to fill this league with readers of this blog versus opening it up to the public, but if all 12 spots are not full by Sunday night, that is exactly what I will do.

If you want in, leave me a comment on this post and I will get back to you qucikly.

Thanks – Now come ‘Play Ball’ with your boy!!!!