Signing Results – Al Leiter & Steve Garvey!!!

Signing Results – Al Leiter & Steve Garvey!!!

Way back in 2011, MLAM (Major League Alumni Marketing was holding a signing with more than 40 former stars.  And after perusing that list, I found three players to go after, affordably.

Well, two of the three players have done their deeds, and one remains unsigned.

I will unveil player #3 to you when it arrives back to me, but for now, I am happy to present to you the two baseballs that are now back in my collection.

Ball #1 – Former Florida Marlin, Al Leiter, with the no-hitter inscription that I was seeking:

Ball #2 was signed for me by Steve Garvey

Here is a picture:

And he too included my requested inscription:

And an added bonus inscription too:

Two great autographs for my collection – 1 of a player that enjoyed watching as a kid, and 1 of my favorite Marlins of all-time!!!

Thank you gentlemen, and thank you MLAM!!!

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