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1995 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

1995 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

The 1995 Topps team set of the Florida Marlins is the third set that I have picked up since starting this quest.

And while I don’t particularly care for the design of the 1995 Topps release, I do like the history that this team set represents.  The set consists of some of the original team that debuted in 1993 and it also features a few glimpses of the team that would win the World Series just two seasons later.

Here is the full set:

And my favorite card from this team set?

Here it is:

While this is officially known as Gary Sheffield’s card, I really like that it features another teammate and superstar of the squad – Jeff Conine!  These guys would share a lot of ‘High Fives’ over the next few years…


Wade Boggs ‘Fab Five’ – Card #2 – 1991 Score ‘Dream Team’

Wade Boggs ‘Fab Five’ – Card #2 – 1991 Score ‘Dream Team’

Now that my Wade Boggs collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #2 – 1991 Score ‘Dream Team’

While I am not a large fan of ‘studio’ photography being used on my baseball cards, sometimes I have to make exceptions to that sort-of-rule.

This is one of those instances – I LOVE THIS BASEBALL CARD!!!

Featuring Black and White photography, the ‘Dream Team’ set issued by Score in 1991 is superb.  And the card of Wade Boggs is too! 

Have a look: 

The photographer did a great job in capturing the swing of Boggs.  And because of the blur at the end of the barrel of his bat, you can tell that he was actually swinging his lumber versus just holding it there for the photographer to snap some pictures.

Great, Great Card!

A Trio Of George Foster Baseball Cards From 1985 – Topps, Fleer, & Donruss

A Trio Of George Foster Baseball Cards From 1985 – Topps, Fleer, & Donruss

1985 was the final season in which George Foster would garner any significant playing time in the major leagues.  Yes, he played 15 games with the Chicago White Sox in 1986, but he was hardly a contributor for them.

In ’85, Foster appeared in just 72 games for the Mets.  But, he still offered up production as it related to runs.  In those 72 contests, Foster hit 13 home runs while driving in 38.  He also scored 28 runs in those games.

And while playing in less than half of the team’s games, Foster ranked in a third-place tie with 13 home runs behind Gary Carter and Darryl Strawberry.

Here are all three of Foster’s cards from 1985 – three great additions to my Foster collection!!! 

My First Time – Willie Randolph – July 29, 1975

My First Time – Willie Randolph – July 29, 1975

The Setting – Three Rivers Stadium.  Pittsburgh, PA.

From Randolph – ‘It’s funny because Tom Underwood was the guy that I got my first hit off of.  I played against him in the minors so I knew what he threw, so it was a bit of a break’.

The Boxscore – Phillies 5, Pirates 1.  Randolph goes 1-for-4 from the lead-off spot.

Happy Birthday Jim Rice!!!

Happy Birthday Jim Rice!!!

Jim Rice turns 60 years old today.

Jim Rice may be one of the best examples of a great hitter that could also hit for power or you can classify him as a power hitter that was a great contact hitter too.  Either way, it works!!  Although we cannot clearly say Rice was a better hitter for average than power or vice-versa, we can surely say that his numbers are mighty impressive. 

After 16 seasons with the Boston Red Sox, Rice ended his career with a .298 batting average while launching 382 home runs.  Rice’s best season came in 1978 when he won the Most Valuable Player award while hitting .315, belting 46 home runs, and driving in 139 runs.  Rice was a MVP candidate annually and finished in the Top 5 for voting in 6 total seasons. 

Jim Rice competed in 1 World Series championship match-up in 1986 against the New York Mets.  Although his team ultimately lost in 7 games, Rice did extremely well as he hit .333 and scored 6 runs.

Jim Rice is a member of the 2009 Baseball Hall of Fame class.

Happy Birthday Mr. Rice!!