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Friends, I Have Finally Landed ALL Four Of Andre Dawson’s Cards In The 2012 Topps Set!!!

Friends, I Have Finally Landed ALL Four Of Andre Dawson’s Cards In The 2012 Topps Set!!!

Well, it took a little longer than I would have liked, but my new philosophy has paid off.  I no longer ‘have to have’ the first card that hits Ebay – that philosophy paid off well as I saved a few bucks by being patient.

So, instead of spending $10+ on the four cards you will see below, I scooped them all up for less than $7.00!!!

And now, on to the spoils!!!

Gold Standard

Golden Moments

Timeless Talents w/Justin Upton

Commemorative Retired Number Patch

Pretty nice lot of cards, huh?

I have to say, I think that they look fantastic – all of them!!!

I’m ready for the next wave of cards that 2012 brings – BRING IT ON!!!!






George Foster 1982 Fleer

George Foster 1982 Fleer

During the 1982 baseball season, George Foster saw an immediate decline in his production, while appearing in 151 games.

Batting just .247, Foster tallied 7-year lows in home runs and RBI during his first season as a member of the New York Mets.

Could it have been the setting?  Sure.  Could it have been the divisional change?  Sure.  Could it have been that Foster was not surrounded by Hall of Famers in his line-up?  I think so…

1968 Topps Game – Rusty Staub

1968 Topps Game – Rusty Staub

Rusty Staub played in the major leagues for 23 seasons.  But, he made it to the post-season just one time during that 23-year span.

An outfielder that could play all three positions, Staub was a solid contributor to the five teams that he suited up for.  His offensive resume includes:  2,716 hits, 1,189 runs scored, 499 doubles, 292 home runs, 1,477 RBI, and a lifetime batting average of .79.

Rusty Staub was selected as an All-Star six times during his career.  He placed in the Top 20 for the MVP Award four times.

Progress: 13/33

Happy Birthday Darryl Strawberry!!!

Happy Birthday Darryl Strawberry!!!

Darryl Strawberry turns 50 years old today.

Darryl Strawberry made an immediate impact on the sport during his debut in 1983.  The league’s Rookie of the Year played like a seasoned veteran and quickly became the centerpiece of the New York Mets and their championship roster.

Equipped with the perfect blend of speed and power, Straw’s talents landed him on 8 consecutive All-star teams while he and the Mets took baseball by storm.  His career home run total of 335 and stolen base count of 221 along with his 1,000 career RBI show just how versatile and steady he was.

Strawberry had his share of setbacks during his career that didn’t allow him to become the MVP that he had the talent to be.  Yet he still found himself as a member of 3 World Series Championship teams!!!

Happy Birthday ‘Straw’!!!

Happy Birthday Dale Murphy!!

Happy Birthday Dale Murphy!!

Dale Murphy turns 56 years old today.

One of my favorite players as a kid, Murphy’s retirement in 1993 was the start of seeing some of my idols leave the sport of baseball.

My memories of watching Dale Murphy play are endless.  Being a fan of the sport, and having no ‘home’ team to cheer for in Florida during my childhood, I drifted to the teams I was able to watch on television.  WTBS, WGN, and WOR game me my baseball fix.  And of the guys that I drifted towards – Murphy was prominent.

His skills as a player were endless.  Whether it was delivering home runs or making incredible plays in the outfield, Dale Murphy was one of the best players in the game for more than a decade – and I enjoyed watching all of it!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Murphy!!