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GIVEAWAY TIME: 30-Card Lot Of Hall Of Famer Wade Boggs!!!

GIVEAWAY TIME: 30-Card Lot Of Hall Of Famer Wade Boggs!!!

Ok guys and gals, I have another great giveaway for you all tonight.

I came across these cards while I was pulling my ‘Fab Five’ Wade Boggs cards after completing my PC.

And while I cherish Wade Boggs as a player, my collection focused solely on the cards from his days with the Red Sox.

So, in this 30-card mix of cards, are a lot of cards of Boggs wearing pinstripes – Yankee pinstripes to be exact.

Here is a peek at the lot:

If you want your name thrown into the hat for a chance at getting these baseball cards featuring Wade Boggs, leave me a comment.  I will keep the field open until midnight on Friday and then will promptly announce the winner on Saturday morning.

If you want ’em, let me hear it!!!


Fergie Jenkins 1991 Pacific Senior League Baseball Card – Sun City Rays

Fergie Jenkins 1991 Pacific Senior League Baseball Card – Sun City Rays

This card was a gift from Justin, a very loyal reader of ’30-YOC’.  He had a few Fergie Jenkins cards set aside for me, one of which I have never seen before.

And here it is:

Gotta love those old Senior League cards.

And Fergie sure does look like a bad-ass with those RayBans on too!!

Thank you Justin – Another great card for my collection that honors Fergie Jenkins!!!

Jim Abbott 1989 Score – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Jim Abbott 1989 Score – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Jim Abbott has a handful of ‘rookie’ cards in the plethora of releases from 1989.

This is his card issued by Score:

I like the card – the colors work well with the California Angels color scheme and I like the photo used for the card.

A very nice addition to my Jim Abbott collection!!

Did You Know…

Hal Newhouser led all pitchers in victories during the 1940’s.  The back-to-back MVP Award winner captured 170 wins through the decade, easily placing him in the leader-spot for that time period.  Bob Feller ranks in second place with 137 wins, but he also spent five years fighting in World War II.

Happy Anniversary Hank Aaron!!!

On this day in 1954 you made your debut as a professional baseball player.  Happy Anniversary!

At the time who would have thought that you would be the player to surpass the great Babe Ruth’s all-time home run mark?  Who would have thought that you would have been 1 of just a few players in the history of the game to eclipse the 500 home run and 3,000 hit plateaus?  Who would have thought you would have been a 21-time All-star?  A 3-time Gold Glove winner?  A Most Valuable Player?  A World Series winner?

Thank you for dreaming Mr. Aaron.  Thank you for reaching for the stars!!!