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Andre Dawson 1990 Score McDonald’s – Test Issue

Andre Dawson 1990 Score McDonald’s – Test Issue

I picked this one up on Ebay last week.  And while I am not 100% certain that what the seller stated in the product description was correct, I was willing to take the plunge and bring this piece of cardboard home.

From Ebay:

This card is from the 1990 Score McDonalds Idaho Test Issue. These are some of the scarcest modern day cards, and certainly compared to the majority of the 1990’s cards, these were produced in minuscule numbers. The original test distribution was at only eleven McDonald’s outlets in Idaho and Eastern Oregon and lasted about three weeks. It is believed that less than 4,000 of each card was produced, but who knows how many cards actually survived due the the extreme nature of the test run, I mean who would test market MLB cards in two states without MLB franchises?! The full set was 25 cards and was made by Score for McDonalds. The complete set is listed in the Beckett Almanac at over $400.00! The look is similar to the 1990 Score release with a McDonalds logo on the card, but is actually improved upon by using a gradient style for the border that comes out as a rather classic look for 90’s cards. The wrapper, which is not available, shows a 1990 World Series trip contest. Perhaps this promotion was intended to “go national”, but it did not happen. Now, over a twenty years later, the supply of these cards is apparently limited to those very few actually released in this region (unlike other promotional cards from the era that seemed to have been dumped onto the collectors market at a later time). Distributed in four card packs, it is likely that kids and other McDonald customers opening these had no knowledge of the limited release and their possible future scarcity.

Here is the card:

Does anyone know if what this seller has stated is the case?  I would love a confirmation, or two…

Thanks for reading.

Rod Carew 1983 Donruss

Rod Carew 1983 Donruss

There he is – one of the greatest hitters in major league baseball history!!!

Playing Defense???

Have a look:

I may be in the minority, but I really like baseball cards that feature players doing things that you don’t initially think of when you recall their playing days.

And for Carew, a supreme hitter, it is nice to see him playing a little ‘D’.

Great job by Donruss!!!

Lee Smith 1988 Donruss

Lee Smith 1988 Donruss

Lee Smith signed this exact baseball card for me a few years ago through the mail.  You can see that great autograph by clicking here.

Still, I needed an unsigned version for my Lee Smith player collection, and I have now added that to my collection.

Here is the card:

While the autographed version may be a bit nicer due to the sweet signature that Smith supplied, it still feels good to scratch another ‘need’ from my list.


My First Time – Cal Ripken Jr. – August 10, 1981

My First Time – Cal Ripken Jr. – August 10, 1981

The Setting – Memorial Stadium.  Baltimore, MD.

From Rikpen – ‘I made my debut as a pinch runner.  John Lowenstein hit a bullet into the corner and I scored the game-winning run in the 12th inning.  So many times I had played in a winning baseball game – only this time it was in the major leagues’.

The Boxscore – Orioles 3, Royals 2.  Ripken does not make a plate appearance but scores the game-winning run in the 12th inning.

Happy Birthday Harold Baines!!!

Happy Birthday Harold Baines!!!

Harold Baines turns 52 years old today.

22 magnificent seasons, most of which were not held under the microscope of the big lights in a big city.

While Harold Baines played in some of the largest cities in the baseball world, he managed to escape national attention while still putting on consistent performances.

Baines’ numbers are extremely noteworthy, and his ability to deliver season after season is very evident by his impressive offensive stats.

Baines has a lifetime batting average of .289 alongside 2,866 hits.  He also has scored 1,299 runs, hit 384 home runs, and drove in 1,628 runs.  Baines was a 6-time All-Star and a 1-time Silver Slugger Award winner.

Happy Birthday Mr. Baines!!!

I’m Headed To Jupiter Today To Catch A Little Miami Marlins Spring Training Action!!!

I’m Headed To Jupiter Today To Catch A Little Miami Marlins Spring Training Action!!!

I’ve got the next few days off of work as another anniversary comes to a close.  So, with a few days to burn prior to the end of the month, I scooped up tickets for the Marlins/Mets Spring Training game this afternoon.

My wife will be coming with me, and she is a much better photographer than I am so if she snaps some good pics, I will be certain to share them with you all later tonight.

It’ll be nice to catch an afternoon game – the weather is supposed to be beautiful and Josh Johnson is on the mound.

I’m really looking forward to this one.  Story and pics to be posted at ’30-YOC’ later tonight.

Have a great day.  GO FISH!!!!