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1966 Topps Chicago Cubs Team Cards

1966 Topps Chicago Cubs Team Cards

It has been three and a half months since I added a vintage Billy Williams baseball card to the collection.

Well, that drought has been snapped as I am now the proud owner of the 1966 Topps Chicago Cubs team card that features Williams.

As for the Cubs in 1966, they were pretty lousy.  Finishing in last place in the National League, the team was 59-103.  Offensively, the team had stars and plenty of power – including six players with at least fifteen home runs.  Pitching was the team’s achile’s heel – just one starter with double-digit wins, Ken Holtzman’s eleven victories led the squad.

Now if that pesky short-print of Williams from the ’66 Topps set could just be had….

Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck Legendary All-Stars

Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck Legendary All-Stars

I really like the photo that Upper Deck selected for this card of Jim Palmer.  It shows him in the midst of his pitching delivery – and you get a good sense of the full body action that Palmer threw into each and every pitch that he hurled.

As for the card, it is a nice one.  However, the choice of color used for the print of the phrase ‘Legendary All-Stars’ is far from complimentary.  As a matter of fact, it is very hard to find…

Now picture that is a bright and bold Orange to match Palmer’s team colors – WoW!!!

Andy Pettitte Is Coming Back To The Yankees!!


TAMPA, Fla. — Andy Pettitte is coming back to the Yankees. The 240-game winner signed a Minor League contract on Friday and will slip his old No. 46 back on in an attempt to restart his career.

The contract is worth $2.5 million, YES Network’s Jack Curry reported.

Pettitte, 39, did not pitch in 2011 and had already made two visits to the Yankees’ Spring Training camp this year as a guest instructor, throwing batting practice and saying that he was keeping his left arm in shape by tossing to his children.

Speaking at George M. Steinbrenner Field on Feb. 27, Pettitte said that he was content with his decision to retire but believed he could make a comeback if he so desired.

“I’m sure I could,” Pettitte said that day. “You start training, working out and getting yourself into shape, I’d imagine you could. I retired, I felt, after one of my better years. I felt like I was at the point where I just kind of knew what I was doing mechanically out there on the mound. I retired to go home and be with my family.”

A five-time World Series winner with the Yankees — in 1996, 1998-2000 and 2009 — Pettitte announced his retirement in a news conference at Yankee Stadium on Feb. 4, 2011, saying that he no longer felt the drive to put the uniform on for another season.

That apparently changed, as Pettitte tried his old uniform on for size at the team’s training complex, commenting at the time how odd it felt to be dressing in the coaches’ room instead of alongside teammates like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and CC Sabathia.

Pettitte pitched 13 of his 16 big league seasons with the Yankees, spending 2004-06 in his native Houston, pitching for the Astros. The left-hander is the all-time leader in postseason wins (19), starts (42) and innings pitched (263). He is tied for second in postseason strikeouts (173) with Roger Clemens, 26 behind John Smoltz.

His 203 victories as a Yankee rank third in franchise history, behind Hall of Famers Whitey Ford (236) and Red Ruffing (231), and his 1,823 strikeouts are second, only 133 behind Ford’s 1,956. He was an All-Star in 2010, when he went 11-3 with a 3.28 ERA in 21 starts despite missing two months with a left groin injury.

Bobby Bonds 2002 Topps ‘American Pie’

Bobby Bonds 2002 Topps ‘American Pie’

Bobby Bonds will almost always be first thought of as being the father of Barry Bonds.  And while that may be his preference, the numbers he put up during his major league career are certainly worthy of being mentioned.

Bonds played in the big leagues for 14 years. 

His career numbers – .268 batting average, 1,886 hits, 1,258 runs scored, 1,024 RBI, 302 doubles, 66 triples, 332 home runs, and 461 stolen bases.

Bonds was named an All-Star three times and he also captured three Gold Gloves for his excellence in the outfield.

In 14 major league seasons, Bonds made it to the post-season just once time.  In 1971, Bonds and his Giants teammates were eliminated by the Pirates in the first round of the playoffs.

Tony Gwynn 1991 Donruss Baseball’s Best

Tony Gwynn 1991 Donruss Baseball’s Best

I don’t know about you, but this card is just not working for me… 

So let’s talk stats!!!

Gwynn was great in 1991 – my favorite stat from his season in ’91??

11 – Gwynn hit 11 triples in 1991.  His career high for triples was captured in 1987 when he hit 13.  His second highest tally came during the 1991 baseball season.

The Blue and Brown combination are just a little on the nauseating side for me…

Did You Know…

Juan Marichal led all picthers during the 1960’s with 191 victories.  During the decade, he won 25 games in two different seasons and won 26 games in 1968.

Justin Verlander Makes Us Laugh In This MLB 2K12 Video Game Commercial

Justin Verlander Makes Us Laugh In This MLB 2K12 Video Game Commercial

A nice chuckle to start off your Friday…


Sights & Sounds From Today’s Marlins/Mets Spring Training Affair

Sights & Sounds From Today’s Marlins/Mets Spring Training Affair

Well, as you may or may not know, I headed out to Jupiter today to catch a little Spring Training action between my Miami Marlins and the New York Mets.

The Mets don’t really have anyone on their roster that I am interested in seeing play, and the team that they threw on the field had several guys on it that I had not heard of.

But, as for my Marlins, this was going to be my first time seeing the ‘Miami’ version live in person.  And even with Logan Morrison, Giancarlo Stanton, Hanley Ramirez, and Gaby Sanchez out of the line-up, I was happy to get to see ‘my team’.

Here is a great picture that my wife took of the new sign that leads you into the ballpark:

And once inside, here is a not shot of my new skipper Ozzie Guillen.

He looks pretty relaxed, huh?   I love the atmosphere of Spring Training, and by the looks of it, so does Ozzie.

Team ace Josh Johnson was on the hill today, and thanks to my wife’s new ‘zoom’ lens, we got some great shots of JJ in action during the first inning:

And even though he gave up a run and three hits in the first inning, the ball was zipping nicely.

And I finally got to see my new lead-off hitter in action too – Jose Reyes!

Here are some great shots of Jose leading off the bottom half of the 1st inning:

While he did not manage to connect for a hit, I was very happy to bring home some quality images!!!

And then the rain started…

And it rained…

And it rained some more….

And then it really, really started coming down in buckets…

And after waiting around for 57 minutes, we left.

The day was exhausting due to the downfall of all of that rain.  And if you have ever been to Roger Dean Stadium, there is very little cover.  And there is nothing worse than hiding from the rain in a cramped stadium than doing it with soggy Mets fans – trust me on that one!!!

So, my Spring Training experience in 2012 lasted less than 40 pitches.  We actually spent more time in the car making the round-trip than what we spent in the stadium.

But, every cloud has a Silver lining.  And this journey was no exception.

Right before we entered the stadium, I was showing my wife the player clubhouse, parking lot, and the side fields.

All of a sudden, I ran into someone I know.

You may know him too:

Yep, I caught up with Andre Dawson yet again.  It was great to see him, but he was definitely in a rush to get out of there quickly.  He signed my baseball and one for a kid that ran up to him as I was chatting with him.  He was not really in the mood to chat, but that is not something that I will take personally…

So, another great autograph for the collection – too bad there is no inscription though…  Not really too sure what I am going to do with the ball since I only need inscribed ones for the collection these days…  We’ll see.

Overall, the day was fun-filled as my wife and I enjoyed the day together sans kids.  And while we may not have gotten to soak in the Florida rays that we wanted to this afternoon, we did get soaked and we were in Florida – and that has to count for something.

Thanks for reading.  And thanks again Andre!!!