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Attention 2012 Topps Set Builders – I CAN HELP YOU!!!!

Attention 2012 Topps Set Builders – I CAN HELP YOU!!!!

The title of this post says it all – If you are building the 2012 Topps baseball card set, I can help you.

After ripping through a handful of packs of these cards and then getting some more for Valentine’s Day last month, I am sitting with a large stack of cards that I simply do not need for my collection.

I’ve pulled the cards that I consider to be ‘keeper’ but I have a hefty helping left over that may be of help to any team or set builders out there.

And as much as I read and monitor other baseball card blogs, it is very hard for me to keep up with everyone’s want lists. 

So, if you need cards to complete your set, let me know.  Either leave me a list of the cards you need in the comments section of this post or send me a link to your wantlist so I can review.

I’d be happy to help you – and based on the sizable stack of cards in the picture below, I think that I can.

Thanks for reading!!

Andre Dawson 1996 Pinnacle Select Certified Edition – RED

Andre Dawson 1996 Pinnacle Select Certified Edition – RED

I didn’t think that I was missing any cards of Andre Dawson wearing his Florida Marlins uniform, but then this one was listed on Ebay a few weeks ago.

I had never seen the ‘Red’ version of this card before, but I guess that I never really studied the set either…

Sometimes I feel like I am going in ‘blind’ when it comes to seeking out new stuff – if it is not listed on Ebay or not shown off on another baseball card blog, the odds of my knowing that a card exists is pretty slim…

Lucky for me, I do have a keen eye – and a pretty good memory.  As soon as this card was listed, I knew I would have to bring it home!!!

Come see the latest addition to my Andre Dawson collection:

Oh Yeah!!!

Brooks Robinson 1977 Topps

Brooks Robinson 1977 Topps

Here is a nice vintage treat for you on this Sunday afternoon – a 1977 Topps Brooks Robinson baseball card for your enjoyment and for my player collection.

I really like this card – and while my preference when looking at photos of Brooks Robinson is of him making defensive plays at third or swinging the bat, this card gets a pass because the background of the Spring Training park.

Here is the card:

Just look at how high those outfield lights are.  WoW!!!

Dave Winfield 2002 Topps T206 – Base & Mini

Dave Winfield 2002 Topps T206 – Base & Mini

I am really starting to like this T206 set issued by Topps in 2002.  Even if some of the photography/artwork features questionable shots, the look is one that this collector really likes.

And I also like when the cards take be back, way back, way back to when Dave Winfield was honing his skills as a young player in the San Diego Padres organization…

Man, I love that old helmet!!

Kirby Puckett 1993 Upper Deck ‘Home Run Heroes’

Kirby Puckett 1993 Upper Deck ‘Home Run Heroes’

Upper Deck chose a great picture for this baseball card that honors Kirby Puckett and his home run power!

And while it is unclear whether Puckett just made contact with the ball or if he is about to, one thing is certain – Kirby Puckett could drive the ball very, very hard.

In 1993, Kirby connected for 22 home runs, just one of six seasons in which he launched at least 20 round-trippers.