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Autographed Andre Dawson Retirement Night Program – SWEET!!!!

Autographed Andre Dawson Retirement Night Program – SWEET!!!!

I cannot believe how easily I was able to grab this one – and super cheap too!!

I had been watching this very program, unsigned, on Ebay for a very long time.  The seller refused to budge on his price after several back and forth messages.  Simply stated, I was unwilling to pay what he was asking and since he was not getting any bids, I tried to ‘reason’ with him.  Well, I failed at that task.

But, my patience absolutely paid off as I continued to watch for new ones to come along.

And after a long couple of months, one did and it was much better than the prior one.


Because, my friends, it was autographed by the one and only Andre Dawson!!!!

Have a look at the latest, and possibly one of the greatest, additions to my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection.

Enjoy.  I know that I will…  🙂

Jim Palmer 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen – ‘The Great Ones’

Jim Palmer 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen – ‘The Great Ones’

Jim Palmer certainly belongs in any set that is tagged as ‘The Great Ones’.  In fact, Palmer is at the head, or very near, the top of the class as it relates to starting pitchers from his era.

The 1970’s featured some of the most dominant starting pitching that the sport has ever seen – boasting with Hall of Fame talent, the group was supported by Seaver, Carlton, Jenkins, Marichal, Ryan, Gibson, and of course the incomparable James Alvin Palmer!!!

Here is Palmer’s card from the 2001 Topps Gypsy Queen subset titled ‘The Great Ones’:

A very fitting theme, and a very fitting player!

Tony Gwynn 1991 Score ‘Score Masters’

Tony Gwynn 1991 Score ‘Score Masters’

Kind of a fun one here…  Not the over-the-top animation that some of the other ‘Score Masters’ cards features.  And not nearly as bad as some of the Diamond Kings cards from the 1980’s…

This one fits right in, and I really like it too!!!

From he 1991 Score set, this card of Tony Gwynn was part of the set’s ‘Masters’ subset.

And Gwynn certainly fits the bills of ‘Master’ as it relates to hitting a baseball – certainly the best of his era!!!

Have a peek:

A fantastic addition to my Tony Gwynn collection!!

Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter 2001 Upper Deck Decades

Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter 2001 Upper Deck Decades

Sure, it is a rip-off of Topps’ very popular 1975 baseball card set.  But the 2001 Upper Deck version is pretty sweet too…

The 3-color borders look very sharp, and the combinations chosen by Upper Deck work pretty well most of the time.

Here is the card of ‘Catfish’ Hunter that I recently scored:

As nice as this one is, how much better would it be if the 3-color border consisted of Yellow, White, and Green??


Did You Know…

The only catcher to catch four no-hitters in major league baseball history is Jason Varitek.  Varitek caught Hideo Nomo’s no-hitter in 2001, Derek Lowe’s in 2002, Clay Bucholz’s in 2007, and John Lester’s in 2008.