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I Have Finally Landed A 1993 Topps Derek Jeter ROOKIE CARD!!!!

I Have Finally Landed A 1993 Topps Derek Jeter ROOKIE CARD!!!!

I have wanted one of these for a very, very long time.

And while never actively making the card a top priority, it does become an instant favorite in my collection – especially of cards that were issued in the 1990s.

I have always enjoyed watching Derek Jeter play baseball and win.  And now as he enters the latter stages of his playing days, I look forward to watching him cement his already impressive legacy an he solidifies his place in baseball shistory by climbing up the all-time hits ladder.

Here is my Derek Jeter 1993 Topps baseball card:

An instant ’30-YOC’ classic!!!

Mike Schmidt 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Mike Schmidt 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Simply stated, Michael Jack Schmidt was kicking ass across ballparks during the entire 1980 baseball season.

I am happy to see his 1980 season celebrated by this card from the 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites set.

Back to 1980 – Schmidt’s numbers were solid.  25 doubles, 48 home runs (league leader, 104 runs scored, 121 RBI (league leader) 13 sacrifices (league leader), and 342 total bases (league leader).

I would certainly say that Schmidt was worthy of his MVP award in 1980.  He won the award unanimously in ’80 with 24 first-place votes.

Rod Carew 1984 Fleer ‘Superstar Special’

Rod Carew 1984 Fleer ‘Superstar Special’

The multi-card ‘Superstar Special’ cards that were part of the 1983 and 1984 Fleer baseball card sets are not favorites of mine.

I prefer the single-card issues that were part of the sets from 1985-1989.

But, one thing that I did notice about the earlier releases is that the photographer had the full attention of his subject.  In the cards from the 1983 and 1984 subsets, the players were all willing participants.

Hey Rod, say ‘Cheese’…

Jim Abbott 1991 Topps

Jim Abbott 1991 Topps

I really like the use of the Angels nameplate that Topps used on this card.  And while the overall design of this 1991 issue is relatively basic, and a little dull, the card does a great job of accommodating a large photo very nicely.

Have a look:

As for Abbott and his 1991 baseball season, he was chugging right along with his 18-11 record in 34 starts.

Did You Know…

The Toronto Blue Jays player with the highest single-season batting average is John Olerud.  During the 1993 baseball season, Olerud hit .363 for the team.  Carlos Delgado ranks in second place in team history with the .344 average that he posted in 2000.

Chipper Jones VS Jeff Bagwell – LET THE DEBATE BEGIN!!!!

Chipper Jones VS Jeff Bagwell – LET THE DEBATE BEGIN!!!!

With the news today that the 2012 baseball season will be Chipper Jones’ final one in the major leagues, all sports-related websites have been publishing articles about the greatness of the Braves’ star player.

While I am a Florida/Miami Marlins fan, I too am a fan of Chipper Jones.  And I can separate the fact that he suited up for one our rivals since the team’s inception in 1993.

I am, however, taken by surprise as to the number of articles that call Jones a ‘1st ballot’ or ‘certain’ Hall of Famer.

Is his resume impressive?  Absolutely!!  Is he worthy of entry into Cooperstown?  No doubt about it!!  But first ballot?  I am not so sure that he will get 75% of the votes in year one…

When ranking the greatest third baseman of all-time, Chipper should rank pretty highly on your list.  Hell, it was me a few years ago that claimed that he could be the greatest third baseman of all-time.

But, when I review the numbers closely, he falls a lot closer in line to a player like Jeff Bagwell (he too had the tag of ‘1st ballot’ used when he retired as well) than he does Ken Griffey Jr.

Jeff Bagwell will be eligible for the Hall of Fame for the third time when voting for the class of 2013 occurs.  He has not come close to the 75% that is needed for enshrinement.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the numbers that both Chipper Jones and Jeff Bagwell have posted during their stints in the big leagues.  And yes, I know that Chipper can still add to his totals in 2012.

C.Jones J. Bagwell
seasons 18 15
playoffs 11 6
World Series 1 0
games 2387 2150
hits 2615 2315
doubles 526 488
home runs 454 449
runs scored 1561 1517
RBI 1561 1529
ROY 0 1
MVP 1 1
Gold Glove 0 1
Silver Slugger 2 3
All-Star 7 4


On paper, these guys are eerily close in what many consider to be the categories that define for Hall of Fame entry.

And while I personally have never called either player the ‘best in the game’ at any point during their careers, these guys have both built very, very impressive resumes.

I firmly believe that both players will be in the Hall of Fame.  I feel that they both deserve it.

But will Chipper get in on his first ballot?  Does he deserve entry prior to Bagwell?

We’ll have to see – but I would love to hear your opinion.

For me, I think Chipper will get in on his first ballot.  Like Bagwell, he played for just one team during his career – a feat that is getting more and more rare as each season passes (see Albert Pujols).  But I think that Chipper will get the benefit of playing for a winning franchise – and while not solely responsible for the 14 consecutive division titles that his Braves won, I do think that will get him more votes than what the Astros’ winning ways brought Jeff Bagwell in the first and second years of his eligibility.

Congratulations to both of these outstanding baseball players on their marvelous careers.  I am certain that both will be in Cooperstown very soon.

How about you???