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Taking ‘Ultimate Dawson’ To The Next Level – Photos, Magazines, And Programs – Oh, My!!!!

Taking ‘Ultimate Dawson’ To The Next Level – Photos, Magazines, And Programs – Oh, My!!!!

I am always working on finding new ways to add ‘stuff’ to my Andre Dawson collection.  In the past three and a half years, I think that I have done a pretty solid job of honoring Andre’s career.

But, I have just scratched the surface.

There is a lot more out there to be had.

And I will work to do that.

And it will be work.

But I am ready.

And I am willing.

And I will enjoy it each and every step of the way.

And I hope that you will to.

So, are you ready to join me?

I hope so!!

Let’s do this….

Ozzie Smith 2003 Topps T206 mini – ‘Polar Bear’

Ozzie Smith 2003 Topps T206 mini – ‘Polar Bear’

I scooped up this little beauty for just $0.18 on sportlots.com.  I had no clue what the card looked like prior to bringing it home, but as soon as I saw that it was a mini, I wanted it.

This one has a real vintage, tobacco style vibe too.

Check it out:

Gotta love old photos of Ozzie in his San Diego Padres get-up.  And that helmet and ‘SD’ logo take me right back to the days when I cheered for Steve Garvey, Tony Gwynn, and Tim Flannery.

Memories, Ahhhh.

Tony Gwynn 1988 Topps All-Star Glossy “Send-In”

Tony Gwynn 1988 Topps All-Star Glossy “Send-In”

The ‘Send In’ cards keep filling my collection, and they are some of the best looking cards of the late 1980’s. 

In my opinion, the pictures used by Topps for these issues were almost always superior to what they included in their base sets.

It’s almost like they only wanted certain collectors to get them….  Like they were special and only the ‘volume’ collectors and set builders would enjoy them…


Dennis Eckersley ‘Fab Five’ – Card #5 – 1991 Fleer

Dennis Eckersley ‘Fab Five’ – Card #5 – 1991 Fleer

Now that my Dennis Eckersley collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #5 – 1991 Fleer

While the card design is far from unique or ‘stand out’, the card’s color scheme works very well with the Oakland A’s colors.  In fact, I cannot see this sharp Yellow border color working better with any other team that was playing in 1991.

Also, for some reason, maybe because of all of the Black lines, I always thought that this set looked like a newspaper.  If so, Dennis Eckersley is the headline!!!

1968 Topps Game – Al Kaline

1968 Topps Game – Al Kaline

Back when the Detroit Tigers were a more meaningful and powerful franchise, they were led by the sensational Al Kaline.

Kaline spent 22 years in the major leagues, and he called Tiger Stadium home for the duration of that time.  A 15-time All-Star with the club, Kaline was on par with the game’s greatest talents from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The member of the 1980 Baseball Hall of Fame class, Kaline collected 3,007 hits during his career along with 1,622 runs scored, 1,583 RBI, 399 home runs, and 137 stolen bases.  He won 10 Gold Gloves for his excellent play in the outfield as well.  Never an MVP, he did finish in the Top 10 on 9 separate occasions.

Kaline was the offensive leader of the Tigers team that won the 1968 World Series.  In 7 games, he hit .379 while connecting for 11 hits, including 2 doubles and 2 home runs.

Progress:  15/33