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TTM FAILURE – HAll of Famer, Al Kaline

TTM FAILURE – HAll of Famer, Al Kaline

The title says it all…

I sent out two baseballs last week in hoped of adding a few new signed balls to my collection.

I was very surprised to see one of my return envelopes in my mailbox when I got home tonight, but since both balls were only shipped to FL, the possibilities remained strong.

And then I opened the package…

Inside was my brand new baseball (unsigned), my letter to Mr. Kaline, and my crisp twenty dollar bill.

At least I got everything back…

I’ll try again once the season starts!!!

Kirby Puckett 1994 Upper Deck

Kirby Puckett 1994 Upper Deck

Kirby shouts ‘I Got It’!!!!

And you better let him get it too – Kirby Puckett was a much better defender than most recall.

And while his body might not have been sculpted the way that Dave Winfield’s and Andre Dawson’s were, Puckett was still an elite defender.

As a matter of fact, from the seven season span of 1986-1992, Kirby Puckett won a Gold Glove in six of those seasons.

Go Get ‘Em Kirby!!!

Dennis Eckersley ‘Fab Five’ – Card #3 – 1982 Fleer

Dennis Eckersley ‘Fab Five’ – Card #3 – 1982 Fleer

Now that my Dennis Eckersley collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #3 – 1982 Fleer

Sure, Fleer will not win any awards with the baseball card designs that they offered us over the first few years of their existence.

But, every once in a while, a card stands out from the rubble and muck.  And that is how Dennis Eckersley’s 1982 Fleer jumped out and claimed the #3 spot on my ‘Fab Five’ list.

Check it out:

Sure, is that same old boring design that we’re used to seeing from Fleer in the very-early 1980’s.

But look at the photo!!!  It is CLASSIC!!!

First, you have all of the spectators with their ‘Standing Room Only’ tickets watching ‘Eck’ in action.  This picture was certainly taken during Spring Training.

And then you have the photo of ‘Eck’ – and just look at that leg kick.

Is he scraping the clay from his spikes or is he winding up???

You be the judge!!!

Happy Birthday Ron Gant!!!

Happy Birthday Ron Gant!!!

Ron Gant turns 47 years old today.

At  one time, a major offensive weapon, Ron Gant enjoyed a very successful big league career.

Spanning 16 seasons and 7 teams, Gant established himself as a multi-faceted player that was able to do it all from an offensive standpoint.  A career .256 hitter, Gant managed to surpass the .300 mark one time during his playing days – in 1990 when he hit .303.  He was also a mighty slugger as he collected 321 home runs, with a career high of 36 dingers coming in 1993.  Gant was fast on his feet as well.  He swiped 243 bases in 16 seasons, with his career best 34 steals coming in 1991.

Ron Gant was a 2-time All-Star, a 2-time Top 6 contender for the MVP award, and the winner of the 1991 Silver Slugger Award in the National League.

Gant made the post-season on six different occasions, making trips to the World Series twice but losing both.

Happy Birthday Mr. Gant!!

Happy Birthday Terry Steinbach!!!

Happy Birthday Terry Steinbach!!!

Terry Steinbach turns 50 years old today.

Terry Steinbach was the anchor for a very successful Oakland Athletics pitching staff during their ‘Glory Years’ of the late 1980’s.

A 3-time All-star catcher, Steinbach was the model of consistency both at the plate and on the field for what at the time was baseball’s most dynamic line-up.  During Steinbach’s 14-year career, he hit a solid .271 while amassing 162 home runs and driving in 745 runs.  On a line-up that consisted of the amazing talents of Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Carney Lansford, Dave Henderson, and others, it was Steinbach’s approach at the plate that helped the A’s become the elite team of the 1980’s.

Steinbach also caught 2 no-hitters during his career: 1 in 1990 by A’s ace Dave Stewart & 1 in 1999 by Eric Milton of the Twins.

Terry Steinbach helped lead the A’s to 3 consecutive AL pennants in 1988, 1989, and 1990.  The pinnacle was reached in 1989 as the Oakland A’s won the World Series in a 4-game sweep of the San Francisco Giants.

In Steinbach’s first year of Hall of Fame eligibility in 2000 he received 1 vote and was dropped from all future ballots.

Happy Birthday Mr. Steinbach!!