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Andre Dawson 1996 Fleer Silver – Tiffany!!

Andre Dawson 1996 Fleer Silver – Tiffany!!

I don’t know how rare these are – and I have had a hard time trying to find out, but everything I see points to them being pretty rare for a 1996 release.

I have seen these sell for $10+ several times on Ebay over the last few years, and while I would personally not pay that much for a card of this type, that does tell me that the card does have some level of interest from the collecting fraternity out there…

I scored this beauty for less than $4 – a true steal!!!


Ken Griffey Sr. 2001 Upper Deck – UD Decades 1970s

Ken Griffey Sr. 2001 Upper Deck – UD Decades 1970s

Time to go back to the 1970s – courtesy of Upper Deck.

I love this UD Decades set.  And while it is pretty much a blatant rip-off of the 1975 Topps design, this collector enjoys a full set of cards that pay homage to the stars of the 1970s.

Here is my latest score from the set:

The card features Ken Griffey Sr. – one of the primary cogs to the offensive machine in Cincinnati best known as ‘The Big Red Machine’.

For that team, Griffey was the speed – he was the guy that they wanted on base to disrupt any momentum that the pitcher had.

And he did his job very well…  In twelve seasons with the Reds, Griffey stole 156 bases.  But in the two seasons in which the Reds struck Gold, Griffey successfully stole 51 times.

Johnny Bench 1981 Donruss

Johnny Bench 1981 Donruss

This baseball card, from Donruss’ debut issue in 1981, features a fantastic action photo of Hall of Famer Johnny Bench.

This kind of photo is right up this collector’s alley!!!

But, the background of the photo makes the card so much darker that it really takes away from what could have been the best card of the 1981 set.

Have a look:

I really wish that Donruss had the Kodak Easyshare Software back in ’81 – this card would have been a hit!!!

My First Time – Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez – June 20, 1991

My First Time – Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez – June 20, 1991

The Setting – Comiskey Park.  Chicago, IL.

From ‘Pudge’ – ‘I was supposed to get married in between games of a double-header the night before.  And then I was told that I got called up.  So the next morning, before heading out to Chicago to join the Rangers, we went to the courthouse and got married’. 

The Boxscore – Rodriguez goes 1-for-4 with 2 RBI and a strikeout.

“Opening Day Contest” – The Players & Their Picks!!!

“Opening Day Contest” – The Players & Their Picks!!!

Thanks to everyone that played – Now, let’s get down to business and ‘PLAY BALL’!!!!!

Here are the players and their picks for my ‘predict the total number of home runs and strikeouts’ from Opening Day contest.

Player HRs Ks
WayneFL 8 31
Matt D 8 55
Mike 9 100
charley 10 66
Jason Seidman 11 68
Chunter 12 59
Chris 13 73
Justin 14 49
volleygod67 15 94
bigd22 15 60*
play at the   plate 15 60
cardfreak 16 90
commishbob 16 78
McGee-Fan51 17 105
Kirk 18 42
Jeff Laws 23 72
Darren 12* 80
stealing home 13* 85
Jeff B 14* 69
Gregory 15* 101
fanofreds 18* 98
Adam 8* 72
* denotes   first player to take number

And once again, a peek at the prizes:

The player that correctly predicts the number of home runs hit on ‘Opening Day’, without going over, wins this sweet Game-Used bat card of Hall of Famer, Mr. Billy Williams:

The player that correctly predicts the number of strikeouts pitched on ‘Opening Day’, without going over, wins this sweet manufactured patch card of Hall of Famer, Mr. Jim Palmer:

Enjoy the games everyone.  Winners will be announced tomorrow!!!


4/4/2012 – A Historic Night For The Miami Marlins

4/4/2012 – A Historic Night For The Miami Marlins

The first game in a team’s history only occurs one time.

I have been waiting for this moment for what feels like a long time, and while I chose to ultimately stay home and watch the ballgame from the comforts of my own house, I did want to chronicle some of the history that occurred tonight.

Here we go!!!!

National Anthem – Jose Feliciano

Ceremonial First Pitch – Muhammad Ali

First Pitch – Josh Johnson, Strike

First Hit For The Marlins – Jose Reyes, Single

First Hit For The Visiting Team – Carlos Beltran, Single

First Single For The Marlins – Jose Reyes

First Double For The Marlins – John Buck

First Run Scored For The Marlins – Omar Infante

First RBI For The Marlins – John Buck

First Strikeout For The Marlins – Daniel Desclaso, Josh Johnson, 4th inning

And there you have it, History has been made!!!  Too bad that we could not make it into the win column…