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Dwight Gooden 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Dwight Gooden 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Now this is how you re-issue a baseball card!!

This card features all of the fundamental 1985 Topps design elements – from the two-tone color scheme to the angled team nameplate.

But this card from the 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites baseball card set features such a better looking picture than the original that was issued 18 years prior.

I have both, and while I will always go with the ’85 card due to its intrinsic value, this one sure is sweet to own as well!!!

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Lee Smith 1983 Donruss

Lee Smith 1983 Donruss

This is not a horrible baseball card of Lee Smith – the photo is just a little too zoomed in to really see what is happening….

Show me the wind-up…

Show me the leg kick…

Show me the pitching mound…

Show me the stands behind first base…

Tell me more of the story!!!

Did You Know….

Babe Ruth was the youngest pitcher to ever win the American League’s ERA titles for single-season pitching.  In 1916, and at the young age of just 21-years old, Ruth compiled a 1.75 with 23 wins and 12 losses.  He also led the league with nine shutouts.

1989 Headline: Griffey Jr. Hits First Big League Home Run!!!

1989 Headline: Griffey Jr. Hits First Big League Home Run!!!

During the collecting days of my youth, I cannot recall a rookie that received more attention from the hobby than Ken Griffey Jr.  And it all started before he suited up for one game.  Now I saw my share of rookie phenoms – Dwight Gooden, Roger Clemens, Jerome Walton…  But none of these guys carried the hobby prior to making their major league debuts.

But Griffey did!!!

So when Junior stepped to the plate in just the 7th game of his big league career and belted a home run to deep left field, collectors around the world sighed.   At home, and in front of close to 34,000 fans, Griffey launched home run #1 off of White Sox pitcher Eric King.  And as they say, the rest was history…

Today, Griffey sits in 5th place on the all-time home run list with 630.  Exactly 30 homers behind one of his baseball idols, Willie Mays, Griffey has an outside shot to catch Mays this year if he can get enough at-bats and remain healthy.

Happy Anniversary to ‘The Kid’!!!

Happy Birthday Ken Griffey Sr!!!!

Happy Birthday Ken Griffey Sr!!!!

Senior Griffey turns 62 years old today.

Ken Griffey enjoyed a very successful 19-year major league career.  Littered with both team and individual achievements, the elder Griffey tasted success from his early twenties into his early forties.

At the team level, Griffey was a proud member of one of baseball’s grandest dynasties – Cincinnati’s ‘Big Red Machine’.  He competed in the playoffs 3 times during his 12-year stay with the Reds, and he walked away with 2 World Series championships!

On an individual level, Griffey was a 3-time All-star, with each appearance coming from his time in Cincy.  He sports a lifetime batting average of .296 with 2,143 career hits.  In total, he scored 1,129 runs, drove in 859 RBI, and crushed 152 home runs.  A solid base runner, Griffey stole 200 bases too.

A talented and speedy defender, Griffey spent time playing all three outfield positions as well as first base towards the end of his career.  He even did a little DH’ing when he played in the American League.

A marvelous 19-year baseball career!!  Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Ken Griffey!!!

Sending Two Baseballs To Andre Dawson This Morning…

Sending Two Baseballs To Andre Dawson This Morning…

I am in the mood to add a few more signed baseballs to my Andre Dawson collection, so on the way to work this morning I will be making a quick detour to the local post office so I can drip off a small box that is headed to ‘The Hawk’.

Hopefully things work out and I have two more great additions for my collection.

Stay tuned.  And thanks for reading!!!