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Dwight Gooden 1984 Topps Traded – ROOKIE CARD

Dwight Gooden 1984 Topps Traded – ROOKIE CARD

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you one of the most sought after baseball cards from my youth.

Drumroll, please….

Here you have the 1984 Topps Traded Rookie Card of Dr. K himself, Dwight Gooden!!!!

And the crowd goes wild!!!!

An awesome addition to my Dwight Gooden player collection – YES!!!!

1997 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

1997 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

Ah, 1997 – the year that the Florida Marlins took the baseball world by storm.  That squad holds a tremendous place in my heart as a baseball fan, and that team sure did feature a wide range of talented players and quirky personalities!!!

The 13-card set that was issued by Topps in the early part of 1997 does a good job of capturing that team – but there are some noticeable omissions to.

Still, I like this set quite a bit and the Green border that surrounds the player’s pictures is a nice compliment to the Teal and Black of the Marlins.

And now for the set:

And my favorite card from this team set is….

Of course it is going to be the card that celebrates Al Leiter’s no-hitter from the 1996 baseball season – I was there!!!



Joe Morgan 2002 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Joe Morgan 2002 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

You may not like this card, but I do!!!

You may not like Joe Morgan, but I really, really do!!!

In fact, my only issue with the above featured baseball card is that it lacks a little originality.

While I like the Sepia tones as well as the next guy, if this card featured just a tad of Red, it would be fantastic.  If Upper Deck had just made Morgan’s stirrups, or helmet, or jersey letters in Red, this card would go from nice to great very quickly.

Maybe next time…

Jim Palmer 1989 Little League Baseball – ‘Baseball Wit’

Jim Palmer 1989 Little League Baseball – ‘Baseball Wit’

I don’t really know too much about this baseball card – the back is pretty vague.

According to the seller, it is from a set of cards issued by some kind of company that used the name ‘Little League’.  The set is called ‘Baseball Wit’, and as you can see, it features a pretty basic graphic element with a fantastic picture of James Alvin Palmer.

While issued in 1989, my guess is that this picture of Palmer was snapped at some point during the latter stages of his career – 1982-1984 if I have to narrow it down.

Gotta love the oddballs!!!

Happy Birthday Bret Saberhagen!!!

Happy Birthday Bret Saberhagen!!!

Bret Saberhagen turns 48 years old today.

Bret Saberhagen put together a nice 16-season career for himself.  If it were not for his playing for so many losing teams, who knows what he could have accomplished.  The individual accomplishments that Bret achieved rival those of some of the greatest pitchers from the 1980’s and 90’s.  A 2-time Cy Young Award winner and World Series MVP, many would love to have his resume.

Saberhagen’s career record of  167-117 doesn’t do justice for some of the finest single seasons by any pitcher in the 80’s.  As a member of the Kansas City Royals in 1985, Bret won his first Cy Young award as he finished the season with a 20-6 record while striking out 158 batters andwalking just 38.  The dominance continued into the post-season in ’85 as his Royals went on to win the World Series behind Bret’s MVP performance.  In the ’85 match-up he pitched 2 complete games, earning the win in each, while allowing just 1 run in 18 innings.  A few seasons later in 1989, Saberhagen again had a monstrous year as he went 23-6, with a 2.16 ERA and he struck out 193 batters while allowing just 43 walks.  These amazing stats earned Bret his 2nd Cy Young  Award in 5 seasons.

After 8 amazing seasons with the Royals, Bret went on to play for the New York Mets, Colorado Rockies, and the Boston Red Sox.  Although he did compile 3 more 10+ win seasons during his last 8 years in the big leagues, he was unable to recapture his amazing from from his days in Kansas City.

It should be noted that Saberhagen has an incredible K:walk ratio.  For his career, he has 1,715 strikeouts while giving up just 471 walks – good for a 3.64:1 K:walk ratio which ranks him at #10 in major league history.

Happy Birthday Mr. Saberhagen!!!

Livan Hernandez Signed Baseball With 1997 World Series MVP Inscription!!!!

Livan Hernandez Signed Baseball With 1997 World Series MVP Inscription!!!!

I have been on a Florida Marlins memorial kick for a little bit now…

Not only am I paying tribute to them by collecting each and every Topps issued team set in franchise history.

But I am also trying to scoop up some pretty neat collectibles too…

Like this signed baseball by Charlie Hough!!

And let’s not forget my sweet Al Leiter No-Hitter collection.

And now I can add another great item to my collection, a signed baseball by 1997 World Series MVP, Livan Hernandez.

The story goes like this – in a matter of hours, Livan was cut by the Astros and signed by the Braves.  The Braves train at Disney World for Spring Training and one of the guys that I am buddies with on one of the autograph collectors sites that I visit frequently got Livan to sign a ball for him.  He later questioned if he wanted it, so I swooped in with an offer that he was happy to accept.

And now, I have another great Marlins piece for my collection!!!!

Thanks for reading!!